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Well, there you are, at 14, talking to your grown up self, just like your mother wished! Makes it all look a little scary huh! I want to know why I got a kid who is just like my SISTER though? The one that drove me bonkers as a kid. I do have one like me. Celeste is almost as perfect as I was!

Buy him some contacts so he can't look over his glasses at you!


Are you in my head? "lol"

The other day my 10 yo (haven't even gotten to the terrible teens yet) drew a picture of a character - with a conversation bubble that said: "I have learned to see Jesus in everyone but you, Mom." Gulp - and OMG, THAT really hurt. He said it was JUST a cartoon, but he has been dismissive lately... :-(

I would much rather have a passel of 2yos than one ten year old ::eye roll::

Hang in there!


Tell me about it. My 14-year-old step daughter must know him! It's like a total attitude shift! Yes, it makes me appreciate my loving little toddler son who loves to give mommy hugs!

Philippa Alan

Whoooo-ya! I remember those days! I could have tied my daughter up and hung her up to dry more times that I could count.

One thing I did not tolerate was the sassy-mouth, dismissive thingy. We had a serious sit down to discuss the issue of "I'm you're Mother. You give me respect. Period. End of discussion." If I saw an eye-roll or any of that kind of stuff, we had a serious time out. Caused a good bit of arguing, but it eventually worked.


Oh, the memories of my own mother saying, "I hope you have at least three just like you!" just came flooding back as I was reading that! Lo and behold, my three year old says to me today in response to my asking if she wants ice in her water...."Whatever." WHAT? WHATEVER? Oh joy of joys, I can't wait til we hit the teenage years!


My son is now 12, and starting to do that same thing. Must they grow into these...."teenagers"? Where is the sweet child I so lovingly raised? And are the other ones all going to turn on me, too?

Stephanie C.

re: the sandwiches for dinner. I'm with you on this one; we're at 105 today and the past few days. It's too hot to eat, anyway; who gets hungry?


I think my 11 yr old is living in your house!
So funny how smart they think they are.


When I get the eye-rolling, holier-than-thou attitude from my 14 year old step daughter, I close my eyes and picture her as the sweet four year old she was when I met her. It calms me down a bit. It also tunes out the whiney yapping that seems to come out of her mouth constently.

I thought it was supposed to get easier as they get older?


Sounds like a character!

Antique Mommy

You want a screaming toddler? Where do you live? I'll send mine right over...


Hearing things like this makes me feel so guilty for the way I behaved as a teenager. I hope some day my mother will forgive me for being a whiny, condescending asshole.

And, some day, your son will be saying the same thing about you (or better yet, TO you... I haven't worked up that courage yet). But I'm 25 and I'm just realizing these things now, so it might be a while!


Sigh. My three boys still think I am the Beautiful Queen of Everything...but I know these days are just a few short years down the pike. Chin up...only another 10 or so years before he thinks you're a goddess again.


We're about to adopt. I have told my husband that our child will learn how to do The Eyeroll all on his or her own, and I'd prefer the child not learn it earlier from my husband. What did he do? Roll his eyes at me. So, I got out the hotglue gun. You know what? No more eyerolling! Ha ha!


Nice. Little asshat.

But it's this little asshat and my own little asshat (female, fifteen, forever eyerolling)that keeps our household tech savvy.

How is that they eyeroll and snark almost simultaneously? Do they put out an alert on MySpace, or something?


I don't get it ... I have the daughter that knows EVERYTHING and is ALWAYS right ... how can anyone else claim that ;) She can roll her eyes with the best of them ... I've wanted to poke those beautiful blue's many times.
I was told that the alien that possessed her and gave her the high and mighty attitude will depart from her body by the time she is 25 ... only 7yrs and 1 month to go!!! I think I'll send my son away to military camp when he becomes possessed .. know any good ones that won't send them back until they are "cured"?

Mary P

I'm with Philippa. We had a few serious 'this one's non-negotiable' conversations about expressing disagreement respectfully. The eye-rolling thing? Sneering tone of voice? Sarcasm? No one uses that in our house - not even teens. (Of which, in our blended Afamily, there are currently SIX, plus one 20 and one 11 year old.)

Now my teens tell tales on their friends. "You wouldn't BELIEVE how she treats her mother!"

Makes me smile.


In nineteen years of being a mom, I've lost track of how many times I've called my mom to apologize to her... after my kids did something that ticked me off royally... reminding me of when I did the same thing to my mother....


I just wish I could get a picture of my 15yo doing her eye rolling. She actually rolls her eyes right back so all you can see is white. A very attractive look. I want some evidence.

PastorMac's Ann

Me to my almost 14 yr. old daughter because I can hear the music she's listening to on her MP3 player: Don't you think that's a little loud?

Her: It's not very loud, mom.

Me: It's too loud.

Her (here's the part that gets me): Whatever, mom.

You know the "Whatever" I'm talking about.

I hate that - "whatever"


Ya, I know the feeling at times. Most times I try to only listen to what I need to listen to when I am being told the way it is, was, or should be. Or, I just laugh to myself and think "Humm, my grandkids are very intelligent little creatures now and tell mommy and daddy the way things are, were, and will be! Wait till they are teenagers!! Ha Ha! I am sure I will be way to old by then to even have a half of a brain let alone know the right answer or way of things! I can just sit back and giggle even more while they think they have to admit me to the special care unit of the nearest nursing home! lol

Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady

Heh. Just wait until he's 16. With a learner's permit.


You scare me! I am Mum to three between eight and three ....and they can already do too many things better than I can. It'll be downhill all the way from here, I can see.


Aren't teens fun........NOT.

I have a delightful 13yr old daughter who seems to think she is 20 (at least).

I would gladly have 10 toddlers than one teen!

Someone commented the other day that they couldn't wait until their children were teens - I think the look I gave her said it all.



I was wondering where my 14 year old son got off to this week...

Can't say I missed him. Not one bit.


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