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xenia kathryn

I'm gonna go post my 5 "grateful" things :) Great idea... I always need to be reminded for what I'm grateful for.


I have a mostly FriendsOnly LiveJournal, so I'll post the things I'm grateful for here.

1. Neighbours. You never know how great they are til you're faced with a crisis (the passing of my father-in-law on Jul29). Food, lawn mowing, and offers of childcare came out of the woodwork.

2. The health and happiness of my kids. They're awesome little people

3. Tim Horton's coffee.

4. The library. Books!! For FREE!!

5. Parental Leave. My hubby is off for a month on parental leave with me. How I enjoy having him around all the time. How I will miss him when he goes back to work on Sept5.


Gratitude. Such a hard lesson, but so necessary, especially during rough times.
1. I am grateful that my baby's bar brace will be worn half as much per day starting in September.
2. I am grateful that my dear husband is spending time riding bike trails with my 15 year old son right now.
3. I am grateful for all the women I talked to at our church picnic this afternoon. Such inspiring people.
4. I am grateful that we have a good Catholic school to send our 5 oldest children to this fall.
5. I am grateful for all the ways God sends His messages of hope to me, through friends, Holy Scripture, music and even internet blogs! ;-)


Wonderful! I'm very thnkaful for:

1-my parents, who were far away for a year and a half, and have just recently moved back in the state and came to dinner tonight.
2-My husband, who (among other things) cooked the turkey and made the gravy for tonight's dinner.
3-my 5 healthy, smart, cute as ever, aggrivating, gotta love them children.
4-Wonderful neighbors and friends.
5-My faith in Jesus Christ.


I am grateful for our new puppy - she is adorable! My family - the patience of my husband to balance the lack of patience that the end of summer is bringing out in me! I'm grateful for good friends - especially those who challenge me to be better. I'm grateful for the writings of strong women like you Carmen - especially when you are honest enough to share your vulnerabilities and to say the things so many of us are feeling and are afraid to say. FInally, I am grateful that my parents raised me with faith and that God has always been a given in my life.


I'll do it too. Great idea by the way. It will go up sometime tomorrow.


My five things can be found on my site:

Thanks for this, it was very much needed.


Is it seriously Monday already? Eeeeegads!

I'm grateful that I had my garage sale yesterday, and even though I only made $120, I got rid of all the crap that has been sitting around! I guess I'm also grateful that school shopping is almost done, and I'm still alive. Also, grateful that school is starting soon (not soon enough!). Is that five??



I posted five things on my site.


Even though Monday for me means another day off to work, I am thankful for it! :) Mine are also posted up at my site.

Carmen, you are the sweetest! After reading your posts, I walk away happy! :) Thanks for being such a breathe of fresh air...

Caren Story

I'll have mine up there later today....


And, of course you know what I want you to discuss....Autism!!! :)


My parents married for 35 years today, my gym membership, Rosemary Mint Shampoo, Carmen (for also being thankful for minty shampoo), and my family, of course.


1. My 3 wonderful children, each one a favorite in his/her own way.

2. My husband, for without him I would be a completely different person, I really love who I am with him.

3. My parents and my husband's parents, the best grandparents my kids could ever ask for.

4. Chocolate in any form, tea in any form and ice cream.

5. Our new found church, we think we've found our new home after all these years of searching.

Great idea and great blog! I would love to hear more about autism, we have friends living with autism and I'm sure it would help for us to know more.


I'm grateful for:

*My husband
*our son
*our lives
*our health
*our (relative to the world at large) prosperity.


I just wanted to say that my husband and son are tied for first, but everything else is in order of importance.


I loved this one. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful. my list is here -

and yes please on how you cope with autism, especially since I'm another mom of a kid with challenges.


Hi Carmen, I posted mine!

Mary, mom to many


1."Outlander"-EVERYONE should read it, even if you don't think you like historical fiction! And books in general.

2. My terrific kids, who sometimes drive me crazy, but are well-mannered, smart, funny, and give me love every day.

3. My husband, who is my best friend and soulmate.

4. The start of the new TV season, and movies from Blockbuster Online.

5. Coffee. Any flavor, any time of the day.

Gail Martin

This is really nice. I posted mine.


I just posted mine here:


I posted my list on my blog.....go check it out at http://suzannebalvanz.blogspot.com/

I think you should do Autism (but I am biased, I have an autistic kiddo...)



I'll put mine up on my site in a bit. Good idea!

And I'd like to hear about autism. I don't have a child with it, but knowledge is always a good thing!


My list is up at my site: http://tulips.fluidnature.com/?p=545



I just reread Outlander for the third time. My book group loved the series so much that we are doing Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber for our Sept. discussion (the the second time).


thanks, Carmen. got me thinking about this all day....

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