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When I took my now 14 yo daughter to kindergarten, I was amused that her teacher was a teacher I had for 2nd grade her very first year teaching. However, when I asked "Mrs. X" - "Hi, weren't you Miss Y when you started teaching?" she actually turned pale and said "Oh, I don't think I want to hear this. Are you old enough to have a kindergartner already?" And that was my 2nd child. Apparently she was only Miss Y for one year and had guessed why I asked.

My favorite teacher in high school was an older, single woman who lived in an apartment up the street from the school and traveled a lot in the summers. It was my first realization that people might choose to spend their money differently than my parents did - like by not having kids, living in a cheap apartment, and budgeting all year to travel. She taught all of the gifted classes - every subject - and was the speech and debate coach. I learned everything I used in college from her. The most delightful thing was learning about her over the years. That she had cigarettes in her freezer (an adult I admired smoked - gack!), she liked a beer when out with the other coaches, and had a friendly nickname with them, her sister wrote inspirational books for teens, she wrote a murder novel in which she killed off a character based on someone she didn't like, and said the most confusing thing ever: "I would never be willing to marry a man who would be willing to marry me." How sad. But, what a gift to all of the kids whom she had a hand in raising.


Mrs. Lifford. Senior English. Man. She was a peach. I just may write about her.


My favorite teacher was my HS English teacher. God, she was great! I ended up taking several other classes in her room because she was that awesome.

What's even better is that now I work with her every day! She is still the same great person!

Stephanie C.

We have "Girl of the Limberlost" on video. I never read the book, but my girls liked the movie a lot.


Come read about Mr Levine.



I just did a very lengthy post concerning teachers.


Earth Girl

I'm restoring the gardens at Wildflower Woods, the home of Gene Stratton-Porter, author of Girl of the Limberlost. She was the J.K. Rowling of her time, with an eagerly awaited best-seller every year. She started out writing nature studies, but they didn't sell until she wrapped a romantic story around the study. Naturalist, photographer, author, she was a fascinating woman and so little remembered. If anyone is near northeastern Indiana, stop by the Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site in Rome City.


I had a teacher I loved in High School. She cared about us, really worked with us, and treated us like people. Turns out she is a bit nutso. Ignorance is bliss.

Our class in the high school years was really close, and that was really our best teaching. WE had 2 fuys who were almost failing English. So we took turns tutoring them. Got them both up to solid C's so we could all graduate together.


I was blessed with many great teachers over the years, in elementary school, junior high and high school. Two who are most memorable were Mr. McGuire my speech and debate and philosphy teacher and Ms. Gilbert, my Shakespeare teacher both from Willow Glen High School. They were dynamic and interesting. I learned how to learn from them and was inspired too!


I had lots of fav teachers. I was such a nerd. :)

Girl of the Limberlost is my ultimate, all time, read-it-10-times favourite book. Hmmm.. I think I may have to read it again...


Okay, I posted about school/teachers today, too:


This was fun - thanks for the mission!


Mission completed.



ooo I liked this one! As ever, you've come up with a topic that's got me thinking. And out of a non-posting rut!

Click on my name and it'll take you straight to my blog and my post on school and teachers.


Ohmygod, I had one of those purses! I totally forgot about it until right now :)


3rd grade Mrs. Wiley. She was tall, blonde, wore high heels that clopped when coming down the hall, she had Farrah hair, beautiful and she gave me the attention and encouragement I needed in a very difficult transitional year for me. It was the year after my parent's divorce. I moved back in w/ my father back to the little town we moved from 1 year prior. 2nd grade had probably been the worst year academically and personally for me b/c it was the year my parent's were divorced and the year I spent living w/ my mother. 3rd grade was the year that reading, math and all my subjects came together for me. I was finally performing on a level I was capable of and doing well. Mary Wiley will always be my "favorite" teacher.

Thanks for bringing back such a pleasant memory. :)


My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Wise. She was really nice and always gave me extra attention and paitence since my mother died partway during the year and was terminally ill for the first half.

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