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OMG!!! That is PRICELESS! I love it, sounds like something I might do, and I don't really even wear glasses! I haven't laughed so hard in a while---Thanks!

Have a WONDERFUL week!


THAT DUMMY! Hahahaha! The tooth fairy has once been "so behind in collecting teeth" that she didn't come 3 nights in a row. The poor kid. He got five bucks that night. Late fees, you know.


My mum forgot once. She must have been horrified. The next day another tooth fell out. Mum was quick to exclaim "Oh, that explai8ns why the tooth fairy didn't come last night! She knew you'd lose another tooth today and was saving the trip so she only had to come once!" Nice save, Mum. I got ALOT of guilt money from the tooth fairy that time - I think about $5, which back in the 70's was heaps of cash!

Mrs. Fun

Oh my, too many to count. we suck at playing tooth fairy. we have made every excuse in the book for that damn fairy.


please. I THREW AWAY the first tooth My Kid lost. It fell out at school and they sent it home wrapped up in a paper towel. AFter I picked him up we went out to eat, and left it on the restaurant table. Yeah, I sucked as a mom that day.


If its any consolation my 6 year old lost her tooth and said, "Yay! In the morning the tooth fairy will bring me a dollar!"

Yep, not at night -- in the morning. Even my kids know this. LOL


Here's what I don't get. My 7 year old doesn't believe in the Easter Bunny, but the Tooth Fairy? That lady BETTER show, by gawd! What gives?


Great story! I cannot remember my tooth fairy screw ups, but I do remember that there were several, and I only have two kids! I always tried to cma but near the end of their tooth losing lives, they gave up on my weak attempts to convince them that there really was a tooth fairy and not their mom who was pretty lame at being a tooth fairy.


I have forgotten to be the tooth fairy more times than I care to remember.

I've also had the kids dictate notes to the Tooth Fairy, then add the tooth and leave the envelope on a windowsill so I can easily find it.

My kids are true believers, too. Or were. They're kind of outgrowing it now.


I'm a dental hygienist. There have been several times over the years when kids have come into the office begging for the extracted teeth (of another patient) so they could get some extra spending cash. We always said NO...but it's amazing how even young kids can figure this out!


I've got you beat...I'm so terrible at it that I finally gave in and told the kids the truth as soon as the teeth started falling out. Now I just say, "Yay! You lost your tooth! Go get my purse and I'll give you a dollar!!"
Last time I did that to Claire, she inspected her dollar, then handed it to me, and said, "Keep it in your purse for me until I need to spend it, OK?" She's never remembered to ask for it since...good thing, since I'm sure it's long since spent. Sweet little blond thing ;)


Mine are all still under 5 so I haven't had to do this yet, but my 4 year old is already trying to TRICK the tooth fairy by finding white rocks and leaving them under her pillow. She claims they are dinosaur teeth.


ROTFL... I think all parents manage to 'forget' after a while, but NOT all parents give Chuck E. Cheese tokens! :)

When I was growing up we always left our tooth in a glass of water - so we always got 'coins' and never paper. Actually I think we got a quarter until I was 6 years old and remember specifically writing a letter to the toothfairy (and asking my parents how to spell the words) to ask for ONE DOLLAR (in quarters) instead of just twenty five cents. :)

My kids also all went through the 'white rocks' hoping to trick the tooth fairy and earn some cash...

And yep - BabyGirl even 'punched out' her brothers tooth once. Purely by accident, they weren't even wrestling! She was pretending to be a power ranger and punching... only it's obvious her hand/eye coordination sucks. LOL.


The Chuck E. Cheese token tops it all, LOL!

I've taken to putting a post-it note or something similar on my pillow to remind me. The worst was when my oldest three were all losing teeth at about the same time, the poor Tooth Fairy needs a better memory.

Kassandra @ Blessed Quiver

This post made me laugh out loud this morning! Thanks. I can't tell you how many times we have forgotten the tooth fairy. She has left money taped to their door because she was afraid of the dog in the bedroom with them. She has been so busy that she didn't have time to get to our house, so she left extra money and a note. And the list goes on and on! Way to recover, though with I have a quarter, we can trade!


After many failed, guilt-inducing attempts at playing tooth fairy, I just gave up. My kids haven't lost hope though. Just a couple days ago my 9yo left his tooth under his pillow, even though I told him I was sure the tooth fairy didn't have any money. He pouted jokingly when he came down in the morning, so while he was at school I left him what I had - 27 cents. He showed it off to his siblings like it was $5!


thanks for the laugh! we haven't entered the tooth fairy stage yet, but grace has invented fairies for everything else in hopes of getting a gift - bedtime fairy (for going to bed without a fuss); karate fairy (for getting a new belt in karate) and good girl fairy (for, you guessed it - being a good girl). i wish there was patient mommy fairy who would bring me lattes in bed when i've been particularly "good"!


Well this gives me some pointers, we have our very first loose tooth for our oldest happening this week and we were wondering what the tooth fairy did in these parts. And I'm sure we'll miss several in the years to come....

Cecile Weekly

Brilliant. Thanks for the laugh.

Where I come from the Tooth fairy doesn't even exist! How about that? I never got any money for any teeth...

Still, I would've loved to see my Mum running around in the house trying to not miss another Tooth Fairy event.


Better yet, child sticks hand under pillow first thing in the AM finds nothing. Goes into the bathroom to take their morning potty, and you run into the bedroom and throw the money behind the bed. Child comes back out and you tell them to check all around their bed because they are a restless sleeper and could have knocked the money out from underneath the pillow. Wooo hooo it is behind the bed. Tooth Fairy did not forget.


Better yet, child sticks hand under pillow first thing in the AM finds nothing. Goes into the bathroom to take their morning potty, and you run into the bedroom and throw the money behind the bed. Child comes back out and you tell them to check all around their bed because they are a restless sleeper and could have knocked the money out from underneath the pillow. Wooo hooo it is behind the bed. Tooth Fairy did not forget.


That was priceless!
My parents used to forget every single time. Sometimes it took that tooth fairy a whole week to find her way to our neck of the woods.
I'd like to say that we'll be more on top of it, you know when the teeth start falling out rather than growing in, but I doubt it!


Wonderful posted twice......


Jess - it was worth twice. I use the "blame the kid" version when they are crying that the tooth fairy didn't remember them (how sad). Hide dollar in hand, go into room with child sympathizing on how sad that is, then ask "are you sure you checked Really Well?" sliding hand under pillow, and pulling out dollar. "Look, here it is! You must have missed it!" - knocked it out of bed, that's much more polite!

We had the glass of water system at my grandparents when I grew up, but under the pillow at home. I think we were willfully ignorant about the difference.

Woman with Kids

I found out Boy 1 was onto the tooth fairy when he woke me up one morning to tell me that she had forgotten to pay him, would I like to fix that?


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