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Tammy/Photography for Fun

Oh wow, how awful....but still...I'm sorry.... funny. Only funny because it didn't happen to me. Then it most certainly would not be funny in the least. Still, I'm sorry it happened to you...and that I laughed.....


I was near a magazine stand yesterday and saw Real Simple. I picked it up to see if it was the issure with ou in it. Sure enough, there you were!
Don't worry about people seeing you on your bad days. I am a live-in apartment manager to over 60 apartments. That makes over 150 tenants or so. They see me at 6am cleaning the laundry room dressed the same way you were. They see me yelling at my kids and everything else I may do outside the walls of my own apartment. It can't be worse than that? Can it?


Yeah, but was your fly undone revealing bright blue lacy panties?????

It's the same with housework. Have the place 'company ready' wearing something halfway decent. No one comes.

Have a bad night, treat yourself to a day off, lay on the couch watching Dr Phil and every one 'pops in'. And when they leave you realise WHERE that chocolate got to when you look in the mirror and see it dried on your neck and no one said anything!!!!!!

Hypothetically speaking...... LOL


No offense taken. (Kidding. I'm not really homeless.)

But one of the benefits of never caring about what I look like is no one is surprised to see how I look!


HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

PS - I had family in town this weekend and showed off my FRIEND in the MAGAZINE. And everyone was super-impressed with the fact that I KNEW someone IN A MAGAZINE.

Stephanie C.

Okay, that was funny!

Stephanie C.

Okay, that was funny!


That's so true to fact. Have a bad day and look a mess and for sure, run into someone your hubs works with. *G*


I always seem to run into the preacher's wife or the school principal or the PTA president on days like that.


Who cares? Too much focus on appearance. Am I getting too serious? I'm so sick of being around women who talk about their appearance and think people really care. Haven't we all graduated from high school yet?


How about needing to pick up the kids at school and find out you have to actually GO IN with your uncombed hair pulled into a oh-so-flattering bun, your big specs, and the smelly T-shirt you wore for a workout and dirty sweats the dog slobbered on. This was me last Wednesday.


Murphy's Law, right?

Thanks for makin' me laugh 'cause the "minds eye visual" was great!

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