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xenia kathryn

what? scare little children? Hardly!


Go you! Very courageous, and not bad at all.


Come on, girl, you look great! Your hair is getting so long! It looks awesome!
I love that you have a green garter on your arm for the race :)

Headless Mom

You are too cute, my friend! I can't really join this challenge, unless you all want to see my pj's! ;-)

Mrs. Flinger

Oh!! You look so HAWTTTT. And I did the St. Pattie's Day run in my buff face. I thought about posting THAT picture but it was even worse. ;-)

You're amazing and inspiring. (Even, maybe especially) without make-up.


I have no kids, and I wish I could look even half that great early in the morning! I have short hair which is cute when styled, but when I first get up looks a little Frankenstein-ish.

Tammy/Photography for Fun

I only wish I could look that great sans make up and a ton of hair products!!!

Backpacking Dad

Can dads play? I'll see your cheerful A.M. smile and perky attitude and raise you bed-head that you could buff a car with and droopy eyes that won't open until 10.


i am sorry to say but i don't even look half as good when i am washed, dressed, brushed and made up! LOL
i was hoping to see a scary pic! :)
I am writing this comment right after waking up and looking in the mirror! ahahah i wouldn't even have the guts to take a pic right now!

J from Ireland

Wow, you look great and I love the Shamrock armband!!


More like totally cute!


Not bad!


You look great Carmen! Maybe a little sleepy but a helluva lot better than I do in the same situation! Savannah was fun, though not quite enough fun to make up for the MASSIVE hotel bill (we stayed on river st) and the drunken craziness that was magnified when the whole city lost power at 10.30 on Saturday night!


You look great, Carmen. :)


You are a brave, brave woman. And you look great! NO FAIR! I look like a Zombie when I wake up.


scaring children! oh shut up, you look amazing! and the arm garter? HAWT! :)


Oh Holy Hannah Montana...look...another beautiful portrait, damnit!


I think you looked fantastic.....I'm jealous

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