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I was supposed to be Mark, also. Must have been the "in" name at the time.

Personally, I always loved the name "Alyssa" until I met a pschochick with that very name...one of the downfalls of my profession. That ended that love affair. Savannah was also a favorite, as were Kelsey and Jordan. For boys, it has never changed...Christopher and Joshua.


my son went without a name for 5 days because we could not agree. I wanted so badly to name him Luke. Husband said too much like Star Wars. Anyhow, my son"s name is Jake, and he's glad that I did not name hime Luke.

Always loved the name Nina. Then my sister named her dog Nina. So much for that.


My name would have been Keith Jeffrey had I been a boy. I wanted to name our December baby "Noelle," but "Natalie" also meant "born at Christmas" and DH liked it better. I would have liked to have used Alexandra, Susannah, Hunter, or Samuel; but instead I have Natalie, Tristan, Caroline, and Elisa.

Headless Mom

My mother and I have always loved Elliot, no boys named that. I really wanted my daughter's middle name to be Trellice after my grandmother who recently died...didn't get that either. Hmmm do I see a trend?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

When I got pregnant my boy name was Ian and my girl name was Marin. When we found out they were twins, Gabe decided that Ian and Marin rhymed and it would be cheesy.

My favorite boy names are Justin and Jake. I have a cousin named Justin and Gabe has a cousing named Jake and we didn't want to double up.

If I were a boy I would have been Peter.


Natalie, Matthew, Nathan, Ella, Susanna....I'm sure there are more...
Mary, mom to 10, several of whom came already named!


We would have used James for one of the boys had I not, with notable lack of foresight, named the cat James some years before we began to think about kids.

I wanted Lachlan for my youngest but hubby didn't like it, he was happier with my second choice of Thomas. Straight after the birth in a fit of "OMG I'm so glad that was you not me" hubby said to me "You can call him Lachlan if you want". I didn't hold him to it though, we went with Thomas.

Kristen Brink

Well, since I have three sons, I have three girl names I never got to use! If the oldest was a girl, he would have been Kayley and if the middle one was a girl, he would have been Anna (which I still love!) and if the youngest would have been a girl, he was going to be Sophia. I also like Ian and Ethan a lot, so we toyed with that for the youngest for a while too.

xenia kathryn

If my I'd have had boys these last two times, they would have been Symeon and Vincent. Fortunately, we're still early in the game when it comes to raising a family, so they could still be used (although I'll probably change my mind).

Josephine is my daughter's middle name :) It's my grandma's--I just love it.

Saoirshe? How beautiful!


I have no (human) children of my own, but I do remember my brother was supposed to be named Paige. He is named Matthew. I was upset because I really wanted a sister and called him Paige for the first year or so of his life!

Sidenote? You lured me in from my google reader and I can't find the survey!


If I'd been a boy my name would probably be Hans. (Or maybe Han? It's the middle of the night, I can't call my mom to ask.) We didn't know we were having a boy, but we sometimes referred to the maybe-boy as Giancarlo. And then he came out and that was NOT his name. It took us two days to come up with another one. (I can't share my other unused baby names because we are going to have more kids!)


My two sons are Riley and Sawyer. We had Kadence as a girl name for riley. and sawyer was going to be an AVA or Madison. im pregnant again so i still may get an AVA or Madison. We completely threw Kadence out the window. im still early in the game though so i have to wait awile. But if this new little booger is a boy i am pushing for Parker or Beck.


Oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who took a few days naming children. Kelly was Regan (husband's fav), Ansley (again husband) all before the nurse and I decided she was a Kelly (my husband did like that name too) at about 3am when she was 2 days old. lol

I love old fashioned names: Mark, Matthew, Joseph, etc. Not my husband. My saddest moment was giving up Caroline because it rhymes with our last name. If we had another boy, the initials would have been AJ (my FIL just loves that, although I don't know why my FIL was getting a say in this), probably Andrew Jerome (middle name after my husband's "sainted" grandfather, lol).


My choice for my daughter's middle name(s) was going to be Arvella Michelle, but hubby has two middle names and hates it so he agreed to Arvella. My middle son was going to be Luke Eric (Hubby wanted to be able to say "Luke, I am your father") and we changed that close to the end. If my youngest would of been a girl his name would of been Celeste after my great grandmother.


It's always saddened me that my top two remaining girl names (Ivy and Abigail) one is super popular right now and the other was used by a good friend to name his first daughter.

Are there rules about using the same name as someone else? Like when you order dinner at a restaurant, and can't order the same dish as another person? Or is that just my peculiar little OCD quirk?

Mama Bear

Hmmmm Names we didn't use:
Joel Anthony and Tara Michelle.
I'm kind of glad we didn't use the Tara name, but I still like Joel. Especially since ever name for a boy seems to end in -en now.

Mama Bear

oops, I meant every name... only one cup of coffee so far this morning.


I was supposed to be Katherine, but instead she mixed that up with my older sister's name, Melissa, and named me Kalisa. Yeah, makes no sense to me either.

If I'd ever had another child, its name would have been Sam, either way. Samuel is a family name and Samantha for a girl. Never got that chance though.


I've complained about this in my blog repeatedly but I really really wanted to name my son Emmett. However, with our last name, he'd share a name with a very famous NFL running back that my husband absolutely despises. I am still bitter about this.


My twins' father likes very simple names like Marie & Ann. I wanted Zoe & Zelda or Shannara and Rhiannon.We settled on Emily & Lilly.

My current husband always wanted to name a boy Alexander but our neighbor had a baby boy she named Alexander and he died and it never felt right using the name :(

I wanted to name our youngest Dante...he wanted Conan (can you imagine???CONAN!!).

Not the Mama

My mom really wanted to name me Hannah or Megan, but my dad vetoed both of those and I wound up with Anne (Annie). Had I been a boy, I would have been Patrick Michael. My little sister (Kathryn/Katie) also would have been Patrick Michael. And when my parents unsuccessfully attempted to conceive a third child, my mom wanted to name a girl Lily and boy...Patrick Michael. Now I've got Patrick on my own shortlist for a future baby.

My partner, Jamie, was supposed to be Grace but her mom filled out the birth certificate when her father was out of the room and then told him it was too late! Apparently this kind of trickery is rampant in her family because her grandmother did it as well -- to her aunt. Her aunt was a single mom, and while she was recovering her mom (Jamie's grandmother) filled out the birth certificate for her. She was a huge fan of Dr. Quinn and wanted to name the baby Michaela, but she didn't know how to spell it, and it wound up Macala. Macala's mom signed the birth certificate without examining it and for whatever reason didn't go through the hassle of changing her name later, even though she still hates it to this day and wishes she'd named her Margaret (nn Maggie) as she'd planned. Craziness.


If my oldest had been a son she would have been Jacob, and we never did use Jacob even though we went on to have 2 sons. Just didn't suit them. We also liked Vincent, and both of ours came close to being Vinny.

I also wanted to name my oldest Marlee, a hybrid of my mother's first and middle names, but DH hated it. When we hit upon her name, though, we both realized it was perfect for her. Still is.

Karen M

I was going to be Stephanie but my father didn't like the name so I got stuck with Karen. As a child I would lie and say my middle name was Stephanie because I grew fond of it since my mother told me I was almost named that.

When I got pregnant for my first daughter I vowed to call her just that. It didn't happen. Grace suited her and our situation best. So we named our second daughter Stephanie althought we briefly thought about naming her Gabriella so that both girls names started with a G. We later decided that it was a dumb idea and stuck to the original plan.


The only rule we had was that the children would not be named after anyone we knew. I wanted Alexander for our son, my husband wanted James after his father and I replied that I had a father as well, so my husband said fine: John James or James John. Yuck so we went with Andrew. At that time no one was named Andrew in Hawaii but as soon as we moved we discovered that everyone was Andrew! Picked out Katie (Katherine) while I was pregnant and that's what she was.


I liked Aisha, Kwame and Zion, but we never ended up using any of those. I also thought that Davin Monk was a cool name, but that one was never seriously considered.

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