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Headless Mom

Belinda (and Carmen)-What a great post! Let me tell you-those are all of the things I think about Carmen and I've never met her! I'm really glad that the impressions that I had were right on target. And some day? I hope to meet her AND get the benefit of the magic cookies.

And Carmen, don't feel like you're tooting your own horn, You have Belinda, me, and many others to do it for you. You Rock, Sister!

Karen Sugarpants

Wow. Belinda that made me cry. Carmen IS a beautiful person, inside and out and teaches me something nearly every day.

C - you really have no idea how inspirational you are, do you? Well you ARE. Much love to two of my favorite people.


I have to admit I was terrified at BlogHer last summer, because I am socially awkward on a good day and downright inept usually. Carmen, you are someone who I have always looked up to, not just as a blogger but as a mother and woman. I was terrified that I'd say something or do something incredibly stupid when I met you, but Belinda's right, you are so warm and kind and when I met you I never, ever felt like the bumbling idiot I usually am. I never felt anything but comfortable and ... cozy, with you. You are amazing. Thank you for being that way.

Belinda, AWESOME post. I'm so glad Carmen posted it.


Well said Belinda! I only know Carmen from what she shares here, but I just KNOW every word is true!
High-five Carmen, you look great!


I wondered if you were gonna punk out. But honestly, now...would I lie to you? I mean, you could kick my butt and then outrun me.

Stephanie C.

Well said, Belinda!


It was such a treat to meet Belinda and Carmen at Baby Camp. You are both awesome, inspiring women.

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