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Wow! Have you had a migraine this bad before? That sounds horrible. Good going with the police situation. That could have went the whole opposite direction if you hadn't held it together.

Headless Mom

Glad you're feeling better.

Sounds like Nic passed the test!


Glad to hear you're migraine is gone. The Doctor sounded like a twit except that he gave you meds. *g*
And yeah, at least your Son's first accident wasn't alone.

Backpacking Dad


At least your conversation with the cop didn't go like this:

"Offser. Summin him-eye boy. Truck! Gotta. Um. Gotta. Ooh! Ge'im! Er-ee-goes! Sirry. Gotta sit. Honey, talk to s'offser. Sleepy."

I'm glad everyone is ok (and not in jail or with revoked permit).


How well I remember the feeling of wanting to "take a shovel" to my head - except with me it was an icepick. I used to suffer with frequent migraines, but only get them about 2 or 3 times a year now. I guess there might be a couple of good things about menopause after all! Glad you're finally feeling better and that the accident wasn't too serious. Welcome back!



and I was already thankful never to get migraines.

love yer silver lining-finding.

I try to roll that way as well.


sounds like a bad episode of COPS. hope you are feeling better!


Ow, wow, ow. I've never had one that bad. At least you finally got some drugs, and held it together well enough that it wasn't obvious.

That's a good kid you got there. Thumbs up for Nic.


I used to get migraine headaches like that and they would last for weeks.

I just started getting them again after 8 years....and I can't take Imitrex because it is contraindicated for complex migraine. Yay me!


thank God you and your son are alright! You are such a STUDETTE!
Oh, I get migraines which are pressure related (my head is like a barometer). I have one today, in fact, and seemingly I get more of them in the peak allergy times. The usual migraine meds never have worked for me (although Demerol might). I have to decongest with something like sudafed, then ibuprofen like crazy! Those make the pain bearable.


How well do I know the feeling of wishing I could decapitate myself to stop the pain. I've been diagnosed with both migraine and cluster headaches. I can get headaches with characteristics of both that will sometimes last 3 days even with medication. Oh, do I feel for you having to "be pressent" for First Communion!

Zomig was a gift from God as far as I was concerned--Imitrex did squat for me!


Wow! I am sorry to hear you felt so bad. Migraines are wicked, wicked things.

It sounds like Nikolas really stepped up to the plate, great job!


OMG, Carmen! I didnt realize that N was driving already! Wow! I am sorry about the migraine. I hope that you are feeling better.

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