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Holy crap. I think I might have called an ambulance. It sounds like you had it well in hand though. You are one amazing woman... My condolences to your mom on the loss of her father.

Kate's Mama

I am so sorry to hear your son had a biking accident, but even more so that your neighbor did not come to his aid.


Geez, Carmen; hang in there... glad your boy is okay, sorry for the loss of your grandfather.


What a day!! My prayers go out to you AND your mom...of course, your son is now officially a prize fighter. Shame on the adults (I use that term loosely) that watched him limp home crying!!
Wishing you a better tomorrow!!

Headless Mom

Holy crap. Gabe is one tough kid. My boys just learned to ride their bikes this weekend and this is the scene that I dread. Kisses to him- and much Tylenol!

Condolences to you, your mom and the rest of your family.

Sounds like you need a big drink!


Wow, yes it's going to be a long month already. My heart is so heavy for us all, but especially for our moms. I'm glad Gabriel is ok...thankfully you are his mama and not someone like me who'd have had a panic attack at that site I'm sure!


So sorry to hear about your grandfather and everything else that's going on. Hang in there.


If I had seen him I would have helped him..poor guy!!! I would have carried him home and made sure that all was well..helping you get him patched up if need be..adults are supposed to help!!!!
Sorry for the loss of your grandpa!!! I was in Hong Kong when both my grandma's died!!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers! xo lyns


Sending prayers for your mother on the loss of her father.

Thank God for helmets! I am so sorry for his bloodiness and boo boos. I wonder which hurt him worse, the bike or the sorry neighbor?


Aww, man. Poor Gabe. And what was that neighbor thinking?

becky d.

sorry for the crappy neighbor -- if you find out, all the bloody & inky clothes get burned on their doorstep instead of burning a bag of dog doo!


Damn Carmen, you sure make my bad days seem like a cakewalk. I admire your graphic detail, only Stephen King does it better. As far as ruined clothes by ink, a drycleaner should be able to remove the inkstains, not sure though, if it wouldn't be cheaper to go new. Good luck. G


I'm sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. I sure hope things get better for you all.


Go to CVS and buy some big cheap bottles of peroxide and soak it all in a bucket. It will remove all of the blood. (as long as its done while the blood is wet. I havent tried dry.)


Ye gods Carmen, life is not treating you and yours well just now is it. *hugs* Hang in there and may the rest of your November be so boring you can't think of anything to post.

I hear your pain on the matter of ruined school clothes, I once lost an entire load of the kids' school uniforms to a blue crayon in the dryer.


go ahead and turn on the election coverage this a.m. It's all good news! Sorry about the clothes, the bike, the teeth, your moms dad. Will you take him to the dentist to make sure the teeth didn't break at the root? If the root is not broken they will tighten up. If they broken watch for signs of abcess. BTDT and it's not pretty.
Today is a new and better day. Put a shiney touch on it and only look for the+++ always find a silver lining (like the expensive pants weren't ripped! and the bike can be repaired, and he had no life threatening injuries!)


Holy crap! (my first thoughts!) I'm so sorry for G that he had such a nasty wipe out AND that no none bothered to help him. I'm sorry that you have a bunch of scrubbing work to to and have to spend a bunch of hard earned money. And I'm sorry to hear about your Grandpa. Hugs, my friend. Sounds like you need some!


Hearing that your grandfather died must have been, if not the last straw, close to it. I'm sorry.

And I'm glad that your son is relatively okay.


Saying special prayers for your family-that your load will lighten this month, even if just a bit and for your mother. I know you are so thankful your son's injuries were not worse, but wow what a scary sight that must have been!


Oh my! I am so glad the damage wasn't as bad as it initally seemed. He needs lots of ice cream for those swollen lips. ;)


Poor Gabe. Sorry to hear of the loss of your Grandfather.

Rosie : )

Poor kid! The great thing is that he had his helmet though. I'm always scared that the kids will take it off when they pass the house field-of-vision. We've told them so many times how important the helmet is, but we see so many kids without them in our neighbourhood. thankfully, my kids have been good about wearing it so far.

I'm glad your son is alright.


We had a very similar situation! It's amazing that someone can watch something like that happen and not even come over and check to see if they can help!
Makes me mad!!

Hugs to your Mom!


wow kids get themselves into some crazy stunts, I hope his teeth stay put!


I hope this month goes by quickly for you! My son had a similar accident and an adult did stop and carried him and his bike to Grandmas. I can't believe that person didn't do anything. And my oldest is wonderful about leaving his pens in his pants. That's why he does his own laundry now.

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