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With my first son I was meticulous about never ever vacuuming a single piece up. Now, well I have sucked up a few (only if it does not look like an important piece -ha!) That came a few years after feeling like I was being more careful with/about them then they were/are.

I too can't believe sometimes what they come up with.

When we lived in Canada, they had a huge Lego store - and they would bring in these elaborately constructed Lego pieces - like all Egyptian replicas, for display (and help sell sets.) I explained then to my youngest that these were built by adults. Now that, he said, would be his dream job! ;-)


I try not to vacuum up the actual people, but the others--sorry. They sometimes get sucked up. Especially after I step on them. But they are so much fun, and so dang cute.


My boys have only recently gotten into Legos, but they got a haul for Christmas. Fortunately they make a distinctive rattle sound when I sweep the floor. I'd be sucking them up constantly if we had carpets


Soldiers, Pirates, Astronauts and Knights Unite! I am a legomaniac.

Liz in Seattle

We have well (and I mean well) north of five figures of bricks in this house. My guess is there's four or five 14-gallon bins full. I really try hard not to vacuum them up, and not just because it plays havoc with the vacuum. I plan on saving every piece I can for the next generation. That, the Thomas trains, and the highest quality kid books. The rest, not so much.

Oh, and I wear hard-sole slippers around the house, out of self defense.


I"ve got 3 boys and a older man and he's got lego too! it's everywhere

Raquel Dennie

Good for you! Might as well make the most of it. I'm a new mom of a 10 month-old. I quit working to be at home with him and that's when the REAL work started. Best job I've ever had. :)


It's taken a long time for my boy to get into Legos. I'll keep pushing them back into the area they live. For awhile longer, at least.


Funny story-- my 20-year-old boyfriend still loves them :)


dude, blake made me get on EBAY the other night so he could buy some of those mini figurine guys. no joke. he would KILL me if i threw them away. lol


Me too! Me too! Me too!

In fact, we're having a 5th birthday party at our house on Saturday for Little Man and it's a Lego party. :) I just posted pics of my planning on my own blog. Too funny that you blogged about Lego today, too.

Rosie : )

Legos inspire a Love/Hate relationship in most mothers. :) I also have that relationship with K'Nex. They can build wonderful things, but they get underfoot (literally) too often also!


Although I absolutely hate stepping on them at 2:30am, I do love Legos and what they bring out in our kids! Imagination, engineering, architecture, wild story-telling - Legos are wonderful for kids!


We buy $100 plus lego things so we can abandon the construction project and just get the guys. Then the two guys (@$50.00 each) get sucked up in the vac. I would pay $15 for the little lego guy just to not keep the whole damn kit in the inventory

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