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What a suck ass couple of days you have had!! Beats mine hands down. I'm just fighting a cold w/ a horrible cough and baby that won't be born. LOL


Who is -you know who you are!!!


OK well I knew it probably wasn't all positive since you hadn't updated us in days....
but I was afraid maybe you were practicing your Hudson River landings-
so in COMPARISON, your two days+ of hell almost seems like nothing!
But upon further reading & the knowledge you're OK & alive:
OMG what a nightmare of a time you had!!!
I'm so sorry it turned out that way!
Hopefully you had a few positive glimmers in there somewhere!


Oh, my goodness! I'm sending lots of "good luck" prayers your way :)

Headless Mom

Glad you're home. You can have that kind of grief with out the hassle of airports.


Ugh. Awful. Sending hugs and a huge-ass margarita.


OhMy. I would have ended up in the crazy ward with a morphine i.v.drip...here is sending good thoughts to you. You deserve it!!


Oh, Carmen! I sincerely hope you get a chance to relax this weekend so you can begin next week with fresh energy. Thinking good thoughts for you!


That's a blizzard of crap for sure! Wow, hope you get some rest and hydration and get back in your groove soon!


Damn, Girl; when you have a craptastic few days you really do it right! Hope things get better!


Gee and I thought my past few days were bad! Sorry to read about all the crap you had to deal with. Hope all is well now.


random thought:
is it possible to put time stamps on this blog like you have on Elff?
Told you it was random! lol

Melissa @ Heart Prints

Oh wow! I think this week has been a very bad week for quite a few people! I am so sorry! I hope you're feeling better now!


Wow. All of that totally sucks.

However. What I REALLY want to know more about is the flight attendant catfight. That sounds like enough entertainment to make up for a 5 hour delay.



Wow. That is all very sucky. I hope you are all doing better quickly.


What I really want to know more about is that flight attendant catfight. It sounds potentially entertaining enough to make up for a five hour flight delay.



Too many non-country items in this list to make it as a song: migraine, muay thai, airplane. Tho' cat fight would work.

Bama Cheryl

Holy cow! Hope everything gets better quickly for you.


And yet the pictures I saw had you looking Fabulous! really you've got rush skills like no one's business, and problem solving skills and WOW just WOW you did it! :)


Ack! Wishing some calm peaceful days head your way!


wow. what a tough one!! OMG. i'd crawl in bed and put the covers over my head!! lol



You can't make this stuff up. Yikes, Carmen. You went through the wringer.

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