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I don't guess you're going to post THAT on youtube???
(sry, was hoping to elicit a tiny smile lol)
Aww man, that sucks... hopefully you'll snap back in no time flat :P
Hang in there!!!


I did something to my shoulder almost 7 years ago now and it constantly hurts. Constantly. Although sometimes more than others. I can't do any activity that involves raising my arms higher than shoulder height and even that causes pain. So I totally understand what you mean about your body betraying you.

Maybe it is time to step back a bit and give your leg a rest and then come back at it in a few months. That doesn't mean quit exercising. That just means give your leg a break. Even professionals have to sit out a game or two when they keep reinjuring something.


Quit whining Nancy! You are strong, and you are tough, and you are amazingly beautiful, in all aspects of your life, quite being so down on yourself. If the leg is giving you problems, maybe give it some extra attention before workouts, like more warm up and stretching. I used to run alot, I remember those leg cramps all to well, and at times, I did cry, like a baby,,,just call me Nancy!


Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. Hope it heals quickly so you can get back in there soon.


Yikes! Tomorrow will be better-probably.


oh but where are the pictures? You know we can't "fully" picture this, and how you managed to do this. I guess it's not really the need for hydration and bananas? :) I think your doing wonderful to give yourself the push to try, and you didn't walk out the door of the gym, you went and did it!

Kathy B in West Texas


Hope you are feeling better today!


Just wanted to pipe in with a tip for your leg cramps--take magnesium every day! I used to suffer from the most crippling leg cramps until my father told me that the cramps were due to a magnesium deficiency. Needless to say, I starting taking magnesium right away! Haven't had a leg cramp in over 20 years--seriously!

Good luck!


Mama Bear

We use a similar contraption in the pool, swimming to the other side with it around your waist. When you stop the forward motion, it's a much, much smoother pull back in the water than on land, less injury as well.
Here's hoping you are recovered very soon!

Headless Mom

So sorry. (((hugs)))


All I can say is OUCH! I hope the pain subsides quickly. :( Sorry to hear of the minor injury.


Bummer!!! I hope you feel better soon...I HATE those band things...I too refuse to do them at the gym... Hope you are up and about soon!!! xo lyns


May I respectfully suggest that your justifiable anger be redirected to the mean, nasty bands and away from your poor, wounded body, which was simply trying to do as it was asked? Personally, I would be a wee bit ticked at both the manager for not being tuned in to the risk involved with a nervous patron (or warning about the perhaps not so obbvious kickback potential of the bands) and at the idiot who designed the exercise in the first place. Just my insignificant opinion. :)
Carmen, I find your strength and courage to be inspirational. I hope you'll take a little time to baby your battered body (even a little pampering?) and remember how far you've already come. You're amazing!


People are always so concerned with how they look when they're going to take a trip somewhere. Here's the deal, I have big arms, little body, but if you think about it, when you get to that amazing place, you forget about those flaws. Having fun is what you came for so do it! Just do it! Have the fun you deserve. I don't think about my big arms while I'm doing that. Feel better and if I may, epsom salt is wonderful for sprains and aches, soak in a hot tub. It comes with lavender in it too at WG's and is most comforting.


That sounds like something that would happen to me if I could get off my rear and start getting some good exercise.

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