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Whew! I'm glad things worked out for your daughter and that she was okay.

The Only Girl

I just got goose bumps. I have asthma too and know that frightening feeling when you actually think you can't breathe.

Glad it all worked out. I'm off to check that the puffer in my purse is full.

Stephanie O'Dea

oh Carmen I'm so sorry this happened. and I am SO glad she's okay. lots and lots of hugs.
xoxo steph

Headless Mom

This is the reason that I go to each practice and game for #2. I've never had a scare on the field. You must have been terrified-after the fact. You went into mamabear mode!


All I kept thinking was thank goodness she had THREE inhalers in there! My son has asthma and I only ever send him anywhere (school) with one inhaler. I have a spare at home but I don't keep one with me. I think I will now.

I am so glad you were there and that she is okay. ((HUGS))


Wow - you handled it brilliantly, not sure I would have. SO glad she is okay, and that you were there! Congratulations to the team on their third place title!!!


Sorry to hear that this happened to your daughter but so glad to hear she's okay.

Mama Bear

I hear you, my totally self sufficient daughter has SVT (heart irregularity) and when she has an attack at a swim meet, my heart almost stops beating. I'm always scared to death that this time I won't get it to slow down.


Oh, you can't even think about what if this had been the other game! So grateful it was the game you saw. Asthma is a very scary condition. May she never ever have another attack!

Monica Bertone

Oh that is so scary! I'm so glad you were at the one you needed to be at more! I pray that you never have to go thru that again! Congrats to her scoring a couple goals!


My son, 15, most like me, asthmatic, allergic, can't have the flu or h1n1 shot, was home with asthma one time. His Nannie (my mother in law) was taking care of him that day. I called home and talked to him for a second and did not like how he sounded. I drove home- like a thirty second drive- and somehow he had gotten worse. I told him to walk to the van in his slippers and pjs as he was, we were going to the ER. Not ten seconds up the road he could not breathe and I went to pieces. I had to pull into the RCMP station and rush in and get somebody to call an ambulance. The amubulance guy came and by then my son could not speak. The guy told him to just keep puffing on that rescue inhaler until we got to the ER. (In my province we do not have paramedics, just ambulance drivers basically) I will NEVER FORGET that feeling. (wipes tears from eyes and wonders how moms get through the day...) There is a special God for children.

Ally from Zwaggle

I was shaking the whole time that I read this... I am so glad that she's OK!!


I can't imagine Carmen... Job well done for the both of you.


OMG, Carmen! How scary for you! I am glad you were there to help your daughter.

Jennifer I.

oh my. How scary. Good job on acting so quick and getting to your kid!

Wendy E

I can only imagine the horrible feelings you had. Thank God she is alright and that you were there. I agree, don't even think about what if it had happened at the other game. It didn't. You were there. You were right where you needed to be. Just as you always are.

Congratulations to her on the goals, and the team on the 3rd place finish.

Leftofordinary (aka Cookie)

I'm so glad to hear she's ok. My heart was pounding too.


Carmen, you've probably seen this and know all about it, but the NYT has been featuring an article about a breathing technique that helps with asthma:


Mama Cas

Wow. My own heart is in my throat. I hope it never happens again. Thank god you were there.


That scared me. So glad she's all right and you are too. Glad she's so unfazed by it!

Karen L

It is so scary having kids with asthma! I have 3, now grown. My son doesn't have the common characteristic of the wheezing sound and I always had to watch him closely during sports to monitor how he was doing, as coaches couldn't pay that close of attention. Our oldest daughter had a severe asthma attack on the basketball court during middle school I had to run onto the court during a tournament game to attend to her. I took some flack about interrupting the game from some people who have no idea that asthms is one of the leading causes of death in childhood aside from car accidents!
So glad you had multiple inhalers, that's a good reminder to me to check the ones I have in the cars.
During softball tournaments, we traveled with a battery operated pumo-aid nebulizer to deliver albuterol. It was well worth the investment after the first averted 911 call/trip to the ER!!!

Lisa @ All That and a box of Rocks

Asthma scares me. I am thankful that I only have one with it. He had an attack last year that landed him in the hospital for 2 days. So scary. I just kept thinking, "I can do heart stuff. I know the heart stuff! But I don't know anything about asthma!"

So glad you were there and that she is okay.

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