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yes I was wondering, just keep plugging away at the tired thing it could just very well be the january blahs. :)


I was wondering! You could be tired from healing that you don't really feel going on inside, but if you are paying attention to it, then all I have to say is GREAT!


Wondering? Naaaaaaah-
I was MUCH more interested in hearing your editorial staffs review from out in LA! lol
AWESOME! I am contributing your your great recovery so far to having been in such great physical shape. The exhaustion is just your body healing still... sounds good anyway :)


Glad you are coming along. Just for your consideration--if you had been bleeding a lot in the past, you might want to up your iron. Decreased iron levels can cause a tired sensation.


Glad you are recovering well. Actually, I have been told that even light anaesthesia can cause a lot of tiredness for quite a while. I recently had some minor mouth surgery, with only tamazepan and local anaesthetic, and I felt tired for a good week afterwards. Worth listening to your body, though, and getting extra rest if you can. Hope you continue to feel good.


Great news- other than tiredness. I have heard effects of aneshtesia can linger- not sure if this is true.


Awesome!!!! I hope that this does the trick!

Debby Pucci

Great news.


I've had several surgeries over the years. General anaesthesia can most definitely keep you lethargic etc for quite some time. Your BODY will tell you when you are ready to push it. Glad the pain has been minimal.
Delurking Donna from Australia

Laura V.

I agree with the above comments that it is possible that the anesthesia is causing your tiredness. It makes me tired for at least a week afterward. My body responds the same way to general, local and conscious sedation, I just get SO.TIRED. Add in the healing factor (even from an outpatient/minor procedure) and your body can definitely be sluggish for a while afterward.

Michele D

I have been wondering. I was hoping it was one of those "no news is good news" kinds of situations. I am so happy for you. Anesthesia kicks my butt. I have had a few surgeries and have to remind myself every time. Glad it didn't keep you down.


So happy to read you are feeling good and back to exercising. I'm a runner and can't imagine taking off more than a week. I am training for a marathon in June and want to have my procedure done asap. I meet with the gyn next week! Thanks again for being so open about everything.

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