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Headless Mom

We've talked about it. Just wanted to let you know I'm here and thinking about you this week. ((hugs))

Young Wife

I just said a prayer that your surgery will go well. I used to have really rough periods that lasted for weeks. Not quite as bad as yours, but bad enough I can kind of relate. I'm so sorry. That sounds miserable. Last night a friend of mine actually mentioned her mother having ablation a few years ago with phenomenal results. Hope you have the same!


I have no advice, but I'm hoping you will share as it all goes. I am in your boat (change of clothes, many showers, etc.). And I work, so it's weird and horrible when it happens at a client meeting!). SO please keep us posted, as I would like to have some ideas to bring to my dr. Who just keeps changing the pill.

Debby Pucci

No I don't have any help. I had very heavy bleeding between my children. They actually put this brace inside of me. I ended up getting a D & C and it helped, if only I hadn't had an asthma attack on the table!
I will say a prayer and hope that this takes care of it. God Bless.


My BFF had this done in Sept. & is very happy with the results. She hasn't had a period since. She had cramping off & on the next few weeks mainly because she overdid it. Be sure to rest like the doc says! Otherwise it was a breezy outpatient procedure.

I had a hysterectomy the week of Thanksgiving due to similar situation. My periods weren't quite that heavy but they were super chunky. I literally mean chunks of lining - so big it would push an Ultra tampon out! Ultra's are above super btw. I have PCOS which caused part of the problem.


Haven't had it done or know anyone who has had it done, but wanted to wish you well...


Just letting you know that I'll be praying for you ... Best wishes for a smooth procedure and a speedy recovery!


I had periods lasting two weeks (and heavy!) and anemia was setting in so I opted for the ablation. I still have periods, as there was a small part the laser didn't reach (can you say a wrinkle?) but my time lasts about a day and one pad, much much better.


I have very similar periods, and I've avoided the ablation so far because of the reservations I have about the fact that if I have it, I'll still be able to conceive, but implantation will be impossible. I would have to be super-fastidious with the NFP, but even then I think I would always worry about that. Until I can come up with a better solution, I make do with a Diva cup and super night-time pads (and frequent clothes changes).


I know of a co-worker that had it done with terrific results.Good Luck and I will keep you in my prayers.


Hi Carmen, this must be so common in women and until someone casually mentions it we don't realise how many others are suffering with similar symptoms. I had convinced myself that a hysterectomy was my best option because I just wanted my life and confidence back. My doctor suggested a Mirena and I have had that now for 3 years and it is great. You still have periods but they are so light. Sorry this isn't an option for you and I hope this procedure works for you. Good luck and Best wishes Anne


My neighbor has a couple friends who have had this procedure done and have been absolutely happy with the results (no periods for either). I'm sure Wednesday will go smoothly for you. {{{hugs}}}


I've had two friends who had this procedure. Both had a great experience and are very happy with the result.

Recovery went well, they both had to rest for a week or so, but neither one has ever looked back!


Best of luck with the surgery. I have had similar problems with my "lady parts." Right now, acupuncture is working really well for me.


My friend had it, and wished that she hadn't waited so long to have it done.

Good luck!


Oh Carmen!!! I'll send you some cookies!

The Only Girl

Good luck - hope it all goes well and you finally get some relief.


Two of my friends have had this done recently. Both said it went well and was not terrible. Both had great recoveries, just a day or two of discomfort. Both had almost no period afterwards. One had the return of the period from hell (apparently there is a slight chance it won't work and she was one of those lucky gals)and is now having a hysterectomy a year later. The other is happily having extremely light periods that last only 2-3 days.

I am seriously considering talking to my doctor about this surgery myself. I have had the same flooding problem for about 2-3 days a month. It seems to be getting worse as the months go by (I also miscarried a year ago).

Be sure to let us know how this goes for you!



for those of us still enduring the flooding, get ALWAYS INFINITY pads. Seriously they soak up quickly and A LOT. I use them and have never had one of them leak. They come in different absorbencies so look for the overnight one if you need it. I LOVE THESE.


I have no advice but I will be thinking of you!


Oh dear- I have no helpful experience or insight here but sincere hope that Wed goes smoothly and gives you results you hope for.


Good luck, friend! I hope it goes smooth and easy and with the best results!


Praying that all goes well Wednesday. If you have caffeine withdraw headaches, I heard from a friend last week her dr put caffeine in her IV during her surgery.


I am also going down the same road, due to cramps and heavy bleeding. I am taking a little more extreme route as you though, they talked about doing an ablation but they said it doesnt always work and with what I have it would not do any good for the cramps. I start cramping about 2 1/2 weeks before my period and they are also sharp pains. So I am going to do the hysterectomy route. I figure I can't have any more children (uterus can't hold a fetus anymore) and my child I have now is 17, and I am 40, which is young enough to still have children, but my hubby is fixed because we had so many pregnancies that did not go to full term... is a bit of a sorted past!!

I wish you lots of luck and I hope that it works, I hate being down for 3-4 days during my cycle.. it is such a waste and there is no reason for a 40 year old to be in that much pain.


I know three people who have had this done in the last year - all with GREAT results and minimal difficulties with recovery. In fact, they have all said that compared with the anxiety associated with their heavy periods, the surgery was relatively easy. They were all out of commission for about a day (but frankly all three are busy moms who kind of enjoyed the break!)

Truly - one of them said that she would make a commercial for the procedure it has changed her life in such a positive way!

Best of luck to you.

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