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Good luck! I hope you're able to add back coconut!


Good luck on both challenges! That would make things much easier on so many levels. You aren't kidding about the coconut oil being in everything.


It'll be great if he's not allergic to coconut. Hope the almond and re-test of coconut goes smoothly.


Good luck! I can't imagine dealing with a peanut allergy. My dad almost died several years ago from pine nuts, and that's hard enough to keep track of. Reading this post made me want an Almond Joy, I have to admit.

Lara Zibners

Food allergies stink! I was allergic to everything as a kid and still carry an epipen for kiwi fruit (of all things!) encounters. My daughter has eczema at 3 months. I'm terrified. I keep getting all these questions to my own site (www.drzibners.com) about how to prevent them and the answer is we don't know. One pediatrician says start food early, another says wait. This pediatrician Mommy doesn't know which camp is right. My thoughts are with you!


One of my daughters has horrible eczema, but so far no signs of asthma or any allergies. Keeping my fingers crossed for that one! My son however has horrible seasonal allergies (kind of like his mom :)) And the little one... she is either following in her brother's nosedrips or has a terrible cold. We go through tons of kleenex this time of year.

Good luck with the food challenges! I hope he gets to add both coconut AND almond back into his diet.


Allergies are quite difficult to deal with especially with children. My 12 year old daughter apparently have a high allergic reaction to seafoods (shrimps in particular). I have gone through a long and arduous process of teaching her what to avoid and what to do when she accidentally has an allergic attack. As of now prevention is our greatest remedy. Good thing she her favoritye is a home cooked pork recipe of mine. I guess educating our kids is the best thing to do with regards to this.


Boy is this familiar. My daughter cannot eat potatoes. I'm allergic to everything - all discovered a few years ago (I'm 50). No fruits except for grapes. No raw carrots, celery. No soy products. No peanuts (and peas or green beans). I'm slowly testing different foods. It's a pain.

May God be merciful!

hope smith

Man. Not fun.
I think my little has some too.


Hope the next challenge goes well.

My son is allergic to Brazil nuts, which are fairly easy to avoid, but at 16 he now thinks that if he doesn't want to be allergic he doesn't have to be. (Just like everything else he doesn't want to do, so doesn't!!) He refuses to go to his allergy clinic appointments or to carry an anti-histamine. I have drilled his girlfriend in what to do if he has a reaction, but as he doesn't take it seriously, she doesn't really think she needs to either. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that he's actually more sensible than he seems.


I'll bet my Hubbie could describe exactly what it would feel like, he gets shots every 3-4wks of his allergens. This one time at the allergist office? he started scratching his hands, and was clearing his throat a lot, then he was coughing and that's when the receptionist hit the "we have a doozy in the waiting room" button.
It's very scary! His Co-workers love to test his Mushroom allergy, any potluck or pizza day? deadly!

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