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Tammy/Photos by Tammy

Wow Carmen rain, AND a stingray sting? Hope you enjoyed most of your trip! If nothing else, it certainly gave you BLOG MATERIAL! What an adventure!


I'm so glad he's ok!


i am grossed out by the photos. you made the right choice! the kids petted little ones at ripleys aquarium {i did NOT} but these are huge! and who the hell wants to pet a wet portobello mushroom? LOL> ANYTHING is fun without kids isnt it? {i love them but I like breaks too}

Headless Mom

omg what an ordeal!


Wow! I'd have stayed in the boat too!

Marcie Brcic

Carmen, this was enjoyable and humorous. What a gift! Thank you for sharing with us all.


OMG- it was pee wasn't it? Germaphobe alert over here!


I have been waiting for this post to hear the story! MAN OH MAN that is crazy! I would have been in the water... I do love adventure like that - but after reading this post, I believe NOW I would think twice! Did you ever find out if anyone else was stung on these trips? That would be a very interesting question... if they were to answer it honestly.

How interesting that he might develop a shellfish allergy. Get that epipen ready the next time you cook up some kind of amazing fish dish.

Oh, I have a request for you. Will you wear that amazingly gorgeous dress WITH spanx to the spaghetti dinner so I can see it? It is so pretty! And hey, those old guys would certainly give you an extra piece of garlic bread if you did... although I assume you would NOT get a free dessert from the ladies LOL!


Ok the very second I saw the sting rays I thought about Steve Irwin. And then you mention the sting. Scared the bejeezus out of me I'll tell you. We only found out my son had a shellfish allergy when he was playing with sand dollars on the beach and got all this wonky red blotches all over his body.
The good news is you got away for a few days, rain or no, and he has pretty much recovered from this. Thankfully.


OMFG. I knew when I saw the words "Swim with the Stingrays" that this was nothing I'd ever do. I can't even bring myself to pet them. After the Steve Irwin story, I became slightly scared of stingrays but my bigger irrational nature fears were still sharks and alligators...now I think stingrays might just take the place of alligators, anyway. I am so glad your husband is okay. And this is a particular gem of a blog entry -- turns a scary situation that turned out okay into something well-told and humorous. If you ever enter any of your entries into blog contests, this should be one of them.


This was certainly a holiday you won't forget in a hurry! Glad he is almost better, and hope the allergy doesn't materialise.

BTW, loved the first photo of the storm-lashed palm trees.


Sounds like you had quite the time! I'm happy to hear that hubby's hand is getting better, what a scary experience. Aside from this, I'm glad you guys had some r&r and enjoyed the trip!

xenia katie

I can't believe they let people "swim/play" with stingrays. That's crazy! Maybe stings are extremely rare, but still. Sorry your hubby had to be the one to "beat the odds!" Luck of the Irish, eh? :)


I thought about Steve Irwin too. Sounds like a crazy "vacation." It was definitely a good thing that the kids weren't with you.


Rain and a stingray run-in -- boy that really sucks! But at least you had fun with your friends.


Wow! I think I would have freaked out alittle! Glad to know your hubby is okay. What a vacation!


I'm glad you enjoyed the view--I have SAD and looking out the window at that for any length of time would drive me bonkers!

Young Wife

Oh. My. Gosh. That stinks! Steve Irwin died but that's because he pulled the barb out. You know how they say if a kid stabs a pencil in his eye don't pull it out let the doctor do it? Same thing goes for your heart. I swam with stingrays and LOVED it, but wow. I am so sorry about your husband!


Yikes!!!! Never a dull moment for you guys! I'm glad everything has turned out well so far...keep an eye on your poor hubby and hopefully the rest of the vacay is 1000X better!

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