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hhaa!! are those horse unders or Reindeer? hehe It looks like a lot of fun. I took off for a walk last night and put AJ to work on making PB cookies. I came home and the house smelled lovely! and I deserved 2 cookies. hehe


Those pretzels look delicious! I think I've found a weekend project for myself.


Oh how fun! Awesome summer memories in the making. I love your recipe ideas- with four kids with differing tastes I know everything you post will pass the muster with at least a majority of them!


These look great, and the picture is of your girl just gorgeous!


Of course, you realise in my comment above, that the word "is" should come after the word "girl", right?!


Think I'm going to need to try these -- and dig out my headdress!


What a fun memory you created. I'll bet they were yummy, too. In the old days, when I was baking a lot, I made pretzels. Instead of baking soda, you put LYE (yes, lye) on them for the perfect shiny crust. Baking soda sounds much safer.


yumm, I love soft pretzels. I like to bake once in awhile but Kiddo isn't really that into it.

A Simple Twist of Faith

Now that looks yummy, I love soft pretzels and so does Kate. BTW, I love Emma's hair!


Thanks for the idea, Carmen! My kids made some pretzels in a class last summer, but we never got around to making them at home. I bake a lot (especially no-knead bread recipes), but this is perfect for getting them involved too.

I had to laugh at your photo--my girl wouldn't have had a shirt on--if her brothers don't wear one, neither will she!


Yum! I love to bake but not in summer. I might make an exception for these :-)

Jordan Sneaker

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I absolutely love soft pretzels, and I've never found a recipe that looks even half as delicious as these do. Thanks, Carmen!


Pretzels and bagels? Very ambitious. You go girl! But in weeks to come when you look back on this day, the kids will remember only that they cooked something, and they don't remember that they almost came to fist-a-cuffs.
I eagerly anticipate the bagel recipe.


I may have to try these, the hubs and Daughter love pretzels and maybe my picky Son will like them as well.


I loveee bagels. Looking forward to that recipe. Oh how much is a packet of yeast, if you're using loose/costco pack of yeast? 1tbsp maybe?

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