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OMG! We NEED these books!!!!Going on B&N now- thanks!


That is amazing! I will definitely pass the info about these books along.


What age would you suggest these books for? I've got a high-ish level reading 9 year old that's struggling in processing areas. Would these be a go for her?


Oh that looks yummy!!! I think I might get these books for here too

Headless Mom

That Rocks 16 ways from Sunday! Very cool!


The Lord provides in mysterious ways doesn't He? Thankful you found something your child could connect too in such a positive way. Those enchiladas look scrumptious too! Making me crave some Tex-Mex myself.


That's fantastic! Books truly are magical.


I LOVE it when someone like Henry Winkler, who could have spent the rest of his life resting on his Fonzie laurels, moves on from typical Hollywood fame and does something that really and truly makes a difference. And when it involves my personal medium of choice, books, all the better!


I'm a children's librarian and I LOVE, LOVE stories like this! That's the ultimate; finding the perfect book that speaks to a child where s/he is.


Absolutely FANTASTIC!


I love those books!


I LOVE it. Love it love it love it.


Hooray!! Brings a smile to my face, Carmen. Much success and happiness to your sweet one.


My kid loves the Percy Jackson books for similar reasons (by Rick Riordan)! They have a really fantasy-adventure take on them, though. We;ll be checking these out.


Thank you, I think my son might love these!


This is awesome. I wish they had them for my son when he was younger. The passages you posted totally hit on how he felt. And was exactly what he would tell me before I "got it". This would have saved so many tears and frustrations of both the parents and child.


I have heard nothing but fantastic things about these books; why I haven't gotten them and hidden all the OTHER books in the house is beyond me. Suppose I should get on that post-haste. ;)


This sounds wonderful. Hope the subsequent books continue to be a great success.

A Simple Twist of Faith

That is great Carmen, I am so happy for you and your child.

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