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I'm so very glad it's all going to be fine!!!! YAY! for having all the right phone numbers and people on the job! Boooooooo for this place having theives (but don't they all)


HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!

so glad everything turned out okay. I would have been totally freaking out, my husband would have had to slap me silly, since of course that would be the only think I could do in this circumstance. Just knowing that there was nothing I could do would... omg, I need to go get my blanket LOL


Thank goodness they are safe and taken care of.


My kids are about to leave for Costa Rica with their dad & a tour group. Thanks for the reminder about photocopies - I think I'll round up a couple of phone numbers I'm supposed to know and slap 'em on the bulletin board. So if something untoward happens, at least there's not the search & hassle factor. Glad to hear things will come out all right for your family. What a cloud over a nice vacation.


Good grief! I am so sorry this happened to your Mom and Son, but am glad everything has been taken care of.

J from Ireland

Aw jaysus thats terrible. I was really hoping it didn't happen in Ireland and then I was shocked that it happened it Scotland. They poor divils, glad they got sorted. I really hope the rest of their trip goes much more smoothly. Best wishes to you.

Headless Mom

*sigh of relief!*


Glad it has sort of worked itself out. Good thing you had copies of their passport. That will make it MUCH easier to get replacements at the Embassy. Hope they enjoy the rest of the cruise.


Wow.. this trip is turning into a real life learning experience for him!! Glad everything is working out so far!!

Ouida Gabriel

Jessica @ 11:22, commenter #2 had me rolling. I don't know if it was the image of a woman freaking out and grabbing a blankie or that I identified so easily with what she was saying. I would be on the floor crying. I think I am really worthless when it comes to emergencies. Yeah, completely useless.

At least Carmen had the sense to call her hubby. Thankfully my hubby is calm and collected to. Someone has to be ya know!

Ouida Gabriel


thank goodness they were on a ship with room and board paid for in advance. glad y'all are getting everything straigthened out. it still stinks though!!

as an executive assistant for years, i always made copies of my bosses passport, their spouses and children's just incase something like this happened. believe it or not i needed a copy for this very reason on more than one occasion.


Thank goodness it all worked out!


Carmen, I knew the basics and you've filled in the gaps for me. Doesn't make me feel any better about it happening to them. Even though I'm English not Scots, I feel bad it happened in Britain.


Good Lord... That sucks but I'm proud of you for finding the miniscule silver lining...


When traveling in even a "safe" area like the UK I always carried passport, ID and most of my money in one of those belts you wear under your clothes. Just small bills and change in my pockets or purse. Dorky, I know, but no one is getting in there and taking it!

Heather Jirka

I just cried for you. How scary. I hate to feel out of control, too.

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I've been to Europe a few times, and most every time someone's passport in the group was stolen. Such a difficult situation!

But I must say, I got such a laugh out of your spam comment above me: "Keep it up, great success! Bloggy wish a lot of good posts!" WTH???


Well thank goodness you can work it all out from here. My nerves would be shot. And looking for a blankie like another commenter. My daughter went to Greece and Italy with a school group in April and I worried the whole time. Their teacher had gone before and warned them to have money belts inside their clothing for spare cash and passports etc. I didn't know whether to be comforted by that advice, or more worried....


WOW. My mom just came back from Germany, Russia and more... if I had gotten a message like that I would have totally flipped too.... and it would be worse with my child involved! More than anything I feel ANGER at the person who did that to your wonderful Mom.... I want to smack them around for a while! How could someone do that! GRRRRR!!!

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