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Positive? sleeping in your own,bed, no fear of hotel bedbugs. Not using as much gas because you aren't using my van as much. Finding coins on the street when I go walking. Getting in better shape. Finding out from my kids how to use certain parts of my computer. Having kids to turn my wiifit on because some MAN in my house happened to add in more parts to "plug and play" then I know how to operate. It's like going back in time to when I used to program the VCR for my parents. Becoming my parents? because well they were cool people? how's that?


Our first peaches are showing up at the farmer's market. Heaven!


Listening to my new little one grunt and groan (I'd like to call it cooing, but really it's grunting)
Not having to get the kids (and me) to school on time.
Starting my own blog (YIKES!)

btw I remember my mom cooking for all seven kids on a stove that only had a couple working burners. I think I learned some *interesting* vocab from her in regards to that fun.

Headless Mom

Glad to know you survived the weekend.

Positive? Last Comic Standing is back.

Jenn E

shorts and flip flops. it's only an hour ride to a clean beach that's inexpensive.


Positive--summer thunder storms outside while reading with a flashlight inside; walking out in the garden each day to see what's new; home grown tomatoes, peaches, walking to the farmer's market, salad dinners without using the oven, free summer concerts in the park, hiking in Shenandoah NP, eating on the deck, biking for exercise, grilling, July 4th parades and fireworks.

Maybe you can find a 2nd hand oven/stove on Craigs List. Lots of people renovate and switch out perfectly good appliances for the newest look. Good luck.


Positive - not being woken up by a teen every weekday at 6 am.

Hanging by the pool, burgers, Margaritas, matinees, NYC, eating alfresco, no school, no school, no school


Sometimes you have to grit your teeth to do it, but trying to look for the positive is a great thing to do. Sorry about the stove. When we have an appliance go out, we start placing bets on which appliance will crap out next. Fun times.

Um, positive stuff...iced tea, taking the boys out for bike ride/walks, swimming pools, summer fruit and produce (okay, I'm the only one that gets excited about that, but still), playing in the sprinklers.


Positive? Spending the weekend with great friends and great food and great laughs!


Stay-cations are nice my darling. And let's face it, a heck of a lot of people will be doing that this year. I prefer them myself. Unless you have relatives that you can stay with it who share the same hygiene standards as yourself, who wants to stay in a hotel anyway? Think about all the work involved in getting ready for a holiday - packing and planning and the money involved. Stay home and hang out. Roast wienies in the backyard with the kids, take the time off to just sleep in, and take a break.


Positives would be camping, fireworks and picnics on the 4th of July, the pool, and kids playing outside and making less mess inside! (outside messes are infinitely more hose-able)

Also found this today and thought of your earlier post: http://bodyodd.msnbc.msn.com/


It's hard to be positive this week. The week before last my husbands transmission died (on a car we bought used 4 months ago) and it wiped us out to repair it. Last week my jeep started doing something really weird and we don't have the money to fix it, so it may get parked until we do. This weekend my washer started leaking BADLY (this is the fifth time we've had to have it repaired since buying it 4 years ago), my husbands charger for his Mac is dying a slow and horrible death and I just finished my last library book last night with no more books and thanks to all the stress I've had two anxiety attacks in the past 3 days. Positive sides to all this? At least the hubs car is now working correctly, my Daughter has a chance to be a volunteer assistant life guard with a promise if she does it all summer the Aquatics Director will pay for her to take the Life guard test, we should just be able to save enough the rest of the summer to purchase my kids homeschool curriculum and hubs told me to take $20 and splurge and buy a couple of books. Not sure about that last one. Oh, and the hubs is cooking dinner tonight, that's positive, right? *g*



More relaxed routine: if it doesn't get done today, there's always tomorrow

No waking up teenagers in the morning

Time for an extra cup of coffee

Birds singing, flowers blooming, bees buzzing, life feels GOOD

Less cooking because it feels OK to eat salad, berries or just snacks

Long, light evenings


Fresh peaches and picking our own blueberries
late nights spent watching a movie or playing a game as a family
reading and having lazy days
library trips and summer reading programs for the kids
wading through the creek on a hot day
kids sleeping in and I get a quiet house for an hour or two each morning

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