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I'm in nearby NJ close to the train to Penn Station....if worse comes to worse You can crash on my couch!!!


I'd be interested in the summer reading depending on the book.


I don't think it is unreasonable to ask for help to get to Blogher. After all, you open up your life to us and give us all reading material. Blogher is a conference to support that. I will try to donate in the next few days.

I bought some Nature's Own hot dog buns last night that don't have HFCS, so it seems like Subway could certainly come up with a way to remove it if they wanted to. I worked there for a couple of months during college, and I'm not a fan of the company in general, though it's no different from any other fast food place.


Sign me up for the bookclub :)

A Simple Twist of Faith

I am definitely interested in a summer reading "whatever'. I just finished In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. It was very informative, but I need some fiction.


Well I wasn't craving garlic bread...but now I am!!




My oldest daughter (16) went with classmates on a trip to Europe for 12 days this past April. It was nerve wrecking for me. I felt so many things; how did she get to be 16 so fast, hope that she stayed safe, jealous that I was not going somewhere totally cool, and proud as punch that she worked a part time job so she could pay the thousands of dollars for the trip.

But in this time of fabulous technology, we were able to keep in touch via phone and at least once a day I could talk to her and know that she was alive and well.

Christine X.

Dear Madame Carmen,

Yes, please, a book club. I agree with Simple Twist that fiction is called for. My only other request: WELL WRITTEN.

I also agree with Megan, absofreakinlutely will I chip in for Blogher.

Craving: icy fruity cocktaily something.


When you go to BlogHer, we all benefit by your reporting AND your rejuvenation.

A reader


Is there another option other than Pay Pal? I don't mind sending a money order out but to use Pay Pal I have to ask hubby and I am not about to do that. He would give his life for me but doesn't share well with others. I'm the one that sent that email asking for help and would love to send some money your way if I could. I'm not signing this but you know who I am.


Darn, I wish I had some money I could send your way. I don't see anything wrong with asking for a little help. After all, we are the ones who benefit from you sharing some of your life with us, and this is a part of it.

I think a book club sounds great.

Also, now I want garlic bread. *sigh*

Mama Fly

I am in on the book club. Have been reading a ton of mysteries lately and could use a change of pace.


What are we reading? :)


yes on the book club, my kid went on a cruise i would die to go on, not garlic bread - ice cream Breyers natural Chocolate Crackle - OMG could eat my body weight of this!


Have a good trip x

G. britt

i can't imagine asking folks to help pay for your trip...just don't go if you can't afford it.

Monica Morris

G Brit,
I can see where you might say that...IF this was a trip for pleasure. This IS a business trip. This is to teach her how to be better blogger and to improve her work. Obviously you did not read where the plane tickets, and the conference tickets are paid for, and why she can not pay for the rest. It is called S*#T HAPPENS. I am sure everyone including you has been there. I will be helping with what I can.

G. brit

i agree with S**T happens..happens to everyone including me.. however, if i can't afford it i certainly don't pass the hat for help. suck it up like most of the folks in this country are doing in this economy. by the way, i read everything you read and still come to the same conclusion.


Do the people who are complaining about you asking politely for a minor donation to support your work as a writer throw rocks in the tip jars of street musicians, too?

Anyway I hope you make it to BlogHer. I can't afford to go this year myself (private school tuition for the kid eats every nonessential dollar in my budget these days). So I need to live vicariously though my friends who make it there!

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