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Stop over shampooing. Hubbie like Tresemme but I will use anything that's in the shower. I've use Gee, and Baby shampoo, and grocerystore shampoo, but this past month a friend sent me some AWESOME! Avon shampoo! rocks, it rocks. I also bought some TeeTree shampoo that we use a lot because of some critters that were living in my kids classmates hair. Critters don't like tee tree oil. I love the stuff, I bought it at the salon, it was 12.95 a bottle! each for the shampoo and Conditioner. My hair never ever ever felt so soft. We only do hair once or twice a week with shampoo here though.


I'm definitely into getting good products when it comes to hair as well. Store stuff doesn't cut it. It just doesn't. Although I don't mind Infusium. Pantene? HAHA... it makes my hair fall out. No lie. Chunks come out.

Right now I'm loving Paul Mitchell, but I love Aveda (not quite willing to pay that much though considering I go thru a lot of shampoo/cond) and I think my next buy will be Kenra. I love the rest of their line, so I think I'll try the shampoo and conditioner next :)

btw- do you need to use conditioner with the shampoo bar??


I like Loreal's professional line a lot, also there's a Pureology shampoo that's great to use when I've been swimming a lot.

Headless Mom

I have pretty great hair so I can just use the middle of the road stuff. I've found some Nexxus (?) stuff at Target that I really like. Extra moisturizing. Even mymom liked it the last time she was here.


Whole Foods sells their 365 brand of shampoo& conditioner that I really like. I've used expensive & cheap stuff over the years. Fortunately my hair is very healthy & tolerant of whatever I end up using.


i am also a shampoo addict. I save though by buying suave for my kids! LOL! I have fine, thin hair that gets oily so I wash it almost every day. I am ALWAYS looking for a shampoo to make my hair thicker! I like the Big ASS Shampoo & conditioner. I just picked up bed heads superstar shampoo & conditioner too. I usually spend about $20 for a huge bottle. Sampling pantenes new shampoo for thin hair and its not bad either.


i am a freak for Wen. found some of the same stuff at Sally's (their brand) and it's MUCH cheaper and so far I like it just as much.

Sarah Kaganovsky

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special... I don't know why but I could BATH in the stuff.


I love shampoos and Conditioners too! I have tried all sorts of products and found the new Pantene for long hair works the best. My hair stopped falling out. I also wash my hair every 2-3 days.


I'm with ya on the shampoo. I've tried to use cheaper brands but I really notice a difference. Currently I enjoy using Biolage which is great for dry hair. I do like the Aveda, Bumble and Bumble and Pureology as well. I'll have to try the Lush stuff, thanks for the suggestion!


I love my herbal essences and garnier fructis stuff, to be honest. I've got pretty healthy hair which I dye about once a year or so, and I've tried a bunch of shampoos and conditioners.
I really like Drama Clean Herbal Essences Shampoo, and the Body Envy H.E. Conditioner. I also really like Garnier Fructis' 2 minute deep-conditioning hair mask. It's really effective. I just got a 5 day sample of some Aveda leave-in conditioner that detangles, and I'm liking that as well.
I do like trying new stuff, but I just can't afford the spiffy Bedhead, Bumble&Bumble, Pureology level of hair care. I might try the Lush bar though. I've wondered before if those actually work. Now I know!


Oh, and the VO5 hot oil shower treatment stuff works wonders!

Debby Pucci

I am not a shampoo freak but my daughter is.
Her OCD has made her that way and now it's all about natural. I will have to check yours out! I used for several year Arbonnes shampoo and loved it. Then they stopped making it. Actually my daughter used it for years too, we thought she really found the one! I am now using The Body Shop Berry and I like it. Thanks for the link.


My hair can handle Pantene or the fake Nexxus stuff that Suave puts out, so that's what I usually get. Infusium's just put out a line of shampoos and conditioners that's pretty good, too (and the $3.00 coupon in the paper the other week was so nice of them! LOL!). But my all time favourite shampoo is John Frieda's Beach Blonde, which is like washing your hair with fresh, cool mint. Sadly, they don't make it anymore, and I've got about two inches left in the bottom of my last bottle that I've been rationing like it's World War II. I'm heartbroken. :(


I am a product junkie. I totally own it. I just splurged on Kerastasse Oleo with a gift card I received for Mothers Day. I often find good deals on lg bottles of salon brands at Marshalls . I also like Paul Mitchell & Bumble & Bumble.

Monica Morris

I am allergic to almost every shampoo, from cheap to super expensive, including Bumble and Bumble and Pureology. I just bought the new L'oreal no sulfur, I now have huge hives, and a rash all over my head and ears. FUN! I am now trying DermOrganic. We will see what happens.

Christine X.

Kerastase! Nothing else like it. Of course you have to take out a 2nd mortgage to afford it.


I use Herbal Essences. I am a No Frills kind of gal, and if it works why fiddle with it? I have tried more expensive shampoo and my hair went a bit gnarly. My hair dresser has told me in the past, whilst pointing a finger at me like I was four, "I have told you about those 2 in 1 shampoos" so I stay away from those.
The main issue in our house right now is my 12 year old daughter's "pool hair." That must be the worst thing ever. I need a good shampoo to get rid of that chlorine feel.


There is a great shampoo for chlorine at Sally's Beauty Supply- I think it is called Ion & comes in a white & fuschia colored bottle. We buy huge quantities for cheap for kids for summer. Also baking soda is good for getting chlorine, hard water, product buildup out of hair.


Question about the Lush solid bars... what do you use to condition afterwards? My hair is extremely thick, curly and tends to be dry and frizzy and I didn't find the LUSH bars to be all that helpful with that. They lathered up nicely, but without conditioner I was sunk.


I bought once the Great Clips "clarifying" shampoo for my kids' hair after swimming and it worked wonders- no more green! Just be careful not to get it in eyes.

I personally like any salon stuff- my hair was like night and day once I stopped using the cheapo stuff in college.


I can really tell a difference in how my hair looks and feels if I use the cheap stuff. I use Biolage from Matrix for colored hair. I also only wash my hair every 3 days and sometimes 4 days.

Jenn E

AG Hair Cosmetics. :-)


I'm right there with you! An AMAZING woman sent me a Godiva Shampoo Bar from Lush and OH how I love it! My daughter does too. I will have to try the karma as well. When are they going to build a LUSH store near us? You and I would SO be there!


Keratase and Moroccan Oil. A home run. I save $ & time by only washing my hair 2x per week.

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