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Yikes! I don't buy many dresses, but when I do I buy from Coldwater Creek and Land's End. I wish I could be of more help. Crossing my fingers for you!


Oh no! This is getting worse. Any luck at Macys?When are the alterations on the other dress expected to be done?


OK, I'm with Amie- try Macy's. Leave the kids tomorrow & just go. Or talk yourself into loving a dress you already have, not nearly as fun I know, but I think the dress stress has taken all the fun out of the new outfit deal as it is. Maybe a new necklace or something instead?
I'd cancel that custom deal. That may not fit either so even if you had it sent to NYC you could still be looking at nothing.
Besides, we all love you even in jeans & a tee! It'll be OK. Although I too would REALLY want the new dress!
Good luck!


Why don't you just wear what you do Sunday mornings? I think you look great! OK, just a suggestion:-/ G


Gahhhhh - it never ends! Do you have Cache` on the East Coast? A little pricey but very nice.

A Simple Twist of Faith

Try Dress Barn, not too expensive and the staff is always helpful. The one by the library has a good selection.


Oh no! I'm with KG: go with something you already have, and treat yourself to a new accessory. The dress-stress is going off the scale. Whatever you wear, your inner beauty will shine through.


Maybe you could just wear jeans and t-shirts to the Gala...you are giving a speech, right, so make your speech about the dress saga. I bet people would relate like hell and love it.

Seriously, though, I'm sorry you're having so much trouble. And I have to correct what I said in my last comment -- I DO buy figure skating dresses online, since I'd have to travel 2-3 hours to buy them in person, and it goes about like what you've been through. In fact, I don't know why I'm reading this when I should be starting to look for next season.


if the dresses don't arrive, i say go shopping in one of the best cities to shop in NYC. ;-)


I've ordered a couple dresses off EShakti and while the quality of the dresses have always been good, the actual sizing has not. They've been monstrously huge or way too short or just awful all around.

Which is not being said to further increase your stress but to instead encourage you to have a backup plan.

Regardless, I'm sure you will look lovely at BlogHer.

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I remember that post. You really touched my heart with that one because it resonated with me.

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I remember that post. You really touched my heart with that one because it resonated with me.

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