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Busy Mom

I hope she has a better day today.


I remember my Senior Year of high school I got mono. OH MY GAWD it was awful. I was in drama, dance, track and worked full time, and I didn't take care of myself and got sick. I never been really sick maybe one day a year, so I thought that this was the flu or a real cold, didnt bother my mom too much about it. She finally took me to the doctor, they diagnosed me at the same time giving y mother dirty looks for waiting so long to take me in. Not really her fault, but all she did was complain that I was going to be out of work for two weeks and omg she would have to figure out what she was going to do about money. Strange that is all I remember about that!

Make sure she gets lots of rest, it is so hard to get a negative reading once you have Mono, in fact I had to go back twice to be swabbed. UGH!

I hope she feels better and you guys stay sane.

Michele D

OH that poor girl. And her poor poor Mama. What a mess. I wish you had recorded the nutrition talk, my daughter needs to hear it. I'll be thinking of you (and her). My DD just got over strep and it was stressful for ALL of us, and I can just imagine the stress of MONO. GAH!

Caren Story

Poor thing! She sounds miserable! I am praying for her...


OMG, poor Allegra!!!

I have one of those teens, who is the one always getting sick and then sleeps and sleeps and sleeps, too. Had her tested for mono several times during the school year and, well, NOT fun.

What Allegra has gone through, however, is just plain crazy!

Sending you ALL healing thoughts and hugs to you, my friend!

Emily C

Oh, no! Good luck.

I have a friend who gets a mystery illness about once a year, and this year it was Mono. She was in Germany at the time, and the doctor just kept telling her that she wasn't anemic. Real useful info, you know.

Here's to hoping she'll take the lecture to heart, and rest and recover quickly.


This part: "she's the one in the family who always gets sick as well. One of the other kids might bring home a cold - for Allegra, it morphs into bronchitis at least once a year. She's my kid who had pneumonia. She does not eat well, does not like to take vitamins, loves junk food with the passion of a thousand fiery suns."

Describes Bella to a T! I can't count how many times she has been sick in her short 5 years.

All my love and prayers to Allegra to feel better soon!


poor girl! I'll keep her in my prayers.


What a terrible way to spend the last few days of summer vacation. I hope she's feeling better soon.

Liz Hawks

Oh, that last part - she thought she needed to work harder! Bless her, and you!


Aww man, poor sweetie! I Hope she is feeling better soon!


Hope Allegra feels better soon! We're dealing with a mystery for our teen Daughter right now. Last summer her joints bothered her terribly and then stopped. It's back again this summer. She's negative for Lyme disease, RA, Thyroid, etc. So, right now we're waiting it out.


Sending hugs and hope for a speedy recovery.


Mono is not pleasant I am sorry to say. Had it the last year of high school. Lost weight, tired all the time, no interest in anything, couldn't go anywhere. It took a few months to get over. It is not the end of the world, but it is going to take awhile. The first few weeks are awful but after that it is just the fatigue. Time for bed rest, videos, popsicles, laptops, and waiting for time to pass. Get better soon Allegra.

Katie O

Poor girl - I had mono during college and the sore throat was the worst part. Maybe you could get some sort of numbing spray for her throat, doesn't help you heal any faster but helps with the pain at least a little.


I got mono 5 days after my 40th birthday! It was crappy, but even worse, I would get relapses EVERY MONTH for about 6 months! Sore throat, very tired, etc. The doc said to really try and take it easy, but I still have 6 kids and run a retail business. Obviously, taking it easy is the key. Please make her, for your sake as well!


@Beth -- oh no, I'm 27 and have been told if I haven't had mono by now, I've most likely been exposed and become immune. Maybe not.

Carmen, that sounds just awful, and I hope Allegra feels better and can resume her normal activities fairly soon. On the upside, at least it is still summer vacation...I know that doesn't seem like an upside to her but I knew kids in high school who had to go to summer school or even repeat the whole year because they missed so much when they had mono.


Has she been tested for Celiacs Disease? That attacks the immune system so it's reasonable shed be sick. I was in a similar boat until my diagnosis 2 years ago.


Oh no. I bet she never wants to go back to New York-bad association. Hope she gets better soon.


Hugs to your girl...mono is a tough one. I guess the real "upside" is that she's not missing school since it happened over the summer, right?


Brutal. Been there and it's The Worst. Especially the part trying to convince your Dad that NO it is Not from kissing boys :)


Poor girly, hugs for her! I'm so glad that she got to talk to the doctor and hear a great nutrition talk. These days it seems doctors only have about 15minutes. It sounds like you got excellent care


My 18-year-old sister-in-law had mono this year. Miserable stuff. Urge her really to CONTINUE to take care of herself as replapses are common if she is not treating her body right (vitamins, good sleep, healthy food). My sister-in-law has had a couple small relapses because she runs herself ragged and doesn't eat well. Your daughter is in our prayers.

As a side note, my sister-in-law also ended up with trench mouth during her bout of mono. Just keep an eye on her gums for pus or blackening. They had to give her a really strong antibiotic that finally helped her with that part of it. It really is so hard on the body.


Mono's horrible. I still remember being called out of an important meeting because my 17 year old was on the phone, crying because his throat hurt so bad. They gave him steroids and it helped a lot. Once he could eat and drink again, he got better. Hang in there.


I had mono my freshman year in college. My throat was horrible and the doctors put me on steroids. Helped so much. hope your daughter gets better really soon.

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