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Only 2 scars?? Really?? I must have 20 - so which of us is the more unusual? Notice how I skated over all the other stuff?

(don't you love these quizzes obviously written by some teen??)


I have a confession. I love memes. So I definitely stole this one.



Love all your layers_ none of this is too surprisng- been reading a long time :)


i don't see you as being a potty mouth. that one surprised me. LOL

Headless Mom

I did it. Funny. Most of our answers are the same or very similar. Hmmmmm.


I'm betting you're no where near boring! Some of my answers would be similar.


I just caught up with a months worth of your blog (went back to work after 8 months). Thanks for letting me borrow the meme for my blog (with appropriate credit given to you!)


I really like this meme! And I really liked learning all this fun stuff about you. I've been reading you forever, but I haven't commented in a long time. I've been out of the social media circle but I'm back, and this was awesome! Thanks for the meme!

A Simple Twist of Faith

Okay, I'm playing along too!

Retro Jordans

Wow, cool to see that website, thanks for the link! And thanks for being informative and interesting. You always inspire me.


This was great! I learned lots more about you (me, nosy?!).


How about CAKE?! EVERYBODY loves cake! (I love donkey...he's the best!)


I remember this meme. I did it years ago. Fun.


I'm going to do this on my blog tomorrow if that's okay. Am unable to say things I want/need too...so a meme seems perfect. :)


I HAD to do it... couldn't resist!


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