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Ooohhh, I hate the mystery hives! And insurance companies that don't cover miracle-working antihistamines! And.... well, you get the idea. I hope your cycle of hives is broken and you can get back to normal, albeit a slightly grumpy normal thanks to the prednisone. :) Seriously, why does prednisone cause that reaction in so many people? Makes me want to avoid it like the plague. Hope you feel better soon.


Poor girl:( I did the bout of prednisone for my never ending sinus & ear infections In late August. I got two injections a week apart followed by th a week's worth orally. By day 3, I was a bitch on wheels- irritable/agitated/ short tempered & SLEEPLESS. My poor, poor family :( Feel better soon>


Yikes! She thought nothing of the shaving? Odd. Hope the medicine does it's job, well and quickly! Hugs!


Hope you feel better soon.


Fingers crossed the hives don't return, and your mood levels off.


Why is it that prednisone makes women "cranky" and guys "lusty"? My husband had to take it twice for posion ivy. He couldn't sleep and we ended up with baby number 3 and, number 4!


With my asthma flare-ups, I thank God often that I have no problems with prednisone in any format!

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I love the way you directly get to the point,inspired


Did they check for shingles? It's caused by stress and I had it this summer, extremely painful. Good luck!

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