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I find my migraines to be protein-related sometimes too. Are you not taking anything for prevention? As often as you get them, I'd think they'd have you on something for prevention & not just treatment.


I know nothing about migraines or food allergies but NO you are not being dramatic. That's a lot of crappyness going on at one time and I don't blame you one bit. Hope you are feeling better soon.


Oh no. I don't think you are being dramatic. I've had hives before, and I have seborrheic dermatitis that is making itself pretty well known now that the weather's getting cooler. I know how miserable those things can make me feel, and I can't imagine a migraine on top of it. I hope you feel better soon.

On another note, can I adopt your son? He sounds like a sweetheart!


yes people have migraines, etc but are miserable until they can get them under control. I speak from experience. I've been curled up in the fetal position with an ice pack on my head in the dark inside my bedroom closet with migraines before. Add in the vomiting, auras and crying and I was a mess. Hormones can affect migraines too. Once you figure out what is going on, get treatment, you WILL feel so much better.


I hope the doctor is able to pinpoint the cause of the hives and the migraines. So sorry the last few days have been so miserable for you!

Laura Horner

Blessedly my migraines went away when I quit working in places with flourescent lights. Makes future employment daunting, but oh well. Now, though, I finally went to the Dr. for my 20+ day periods I've had for FOUR years. After all the bloodwork what turned up was severe anemia. I have an appt with a gyno to address the bleeding. But I do know feeling like your body just hates you!


It must be something about the years 35 and up, everyone seems to start falling apart health-wise at that point. I hope they are able to pinpoint what is causing these issues and treat them effectively so you can start feeling better soon.

Nelson's Mama

I'm with Kalisa on this...

I too suffer from migraines and I take a preventative - it doesn't stop them completely, but they are SO much easier to control.

Get thee to a neurologist.

Email me privately, if you'd like more info.


I am thirding or fourthing or whatever the previous neurologist suggestion. My migraines got so much worse after 40 (sorry) and my neurologist has been the one to help me find a preventive that works - Cymbalta and also an intermediate severe headache solution (isometh) which has been a lifesaver. Of course if the migraines persist than I am still locked into the imitrex - nasal if I am vomiting, or the pill form otherwise. Also, I began taking Zofran for another issue and it is so much better than Phenegran - most importantly, no knocking me out and no hangover.


I'm sorry you are going through this. I had such a horrible time when I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis. At times I literally can't eat. Or if I try I am doubled over in pain. You have to eat to live, but you can't eat? Then there are great days... up and down. I am 44.... and my stomach doesn't work? It is indeed scary growing older. but don't worry... you are a ROCKING HEALTHY WOMAN. Sounds like you got just the right doc!


My mother had migraines and her doctor recommended that she take magnesium (glyconate to be easier on the system). It really seemed to help her and couldn't hurt to try.


wonder if it's something hormonal? I get ecxema on my hands really bad around ovulation and period time (though that is harder to predict now that I lack a uterus) but I can tell when my remaining ovary drops an egg by the tell tale rash on my hands.
I hear ya on the pill stuff too. I'm with ya on the prednisone bandwagon currently (4 days for me) to get the pain under control in my back but I get to mix mine with vicodin as well and then there is the protonix I get to take daily until I see the GI specialist next month to figure out why I suddenly get severe knife stabbing pain in my abdomin for no known reason but will self resolve immediately once I puke.
I loathe my body too. It is the damn blasted weight I worked so hard to lose that has creeped back and is now causing me real life pain. And because of the self loathing (even though I know exactly wtf I need to do to feel better) cannot get myself to do it. I'm pathetic and broken and can't figure out how to get my brain and body working together again so I can function fully


So sorry to hear this, Carmen: I'm thinking of you. I wonder whether the stresses of recent months have contributed? I know life hasn't been easy on you lately, and being ill can only make that worse. Sounds like you have a doctor who cares enough to try to get to the bottom of it. You're certainly not being pathetic about it, I'm amazed you've hung on so long. Fingers crossed you'll soon be telling us that you're feeling much better. xx


Mothers are the most selfless people so you're programmed to think you're being dramatic. You're not! Between juggling your babies, marriage, writing obligations, and I'm sure more stuff you don't blog about you need to take some time out for yourself to heal. Nothing but good thoughts and prayers for you!


No...I don't think you're being a drama queen. And no...you don't sound like a delicate flower (I'm sure a few of the items listed would give most people a headache of some kind...it's just that yours (and mine) are worse).

Obviously, I'm not a doctor and I have no clue what the problem could be....but is there any chance it's a mind/body thing? In other words, you're so stressed out that your body is rebelling? Whatever it is, I sure hope you're feeling better soon.


I don't know what it is about life after 35, but this year my blood pressure started to rise and my Doc wants me on meds. I'm already on meds for my thyroid and acid reflux and another prescription. I took myself off the acid reflux meds, have upped my workouts and am eating even better than we were. I refuse to go on blood pressure meds when I'm only 36 years old!

Re the migraines: frozen pizza can be a trigger for migraines, it's something they put in the cheese. We found out because it's a trigger for my hubs migraines. So, fresh made pizza for us from now on.

Hugs on the migraine and hives. I hope they get to the root of it soon!


I was starting to say a prayer for you, and I thought to check on the patron saint against migraines. A good one seems to be St. Gereon,
http://saints.sqpn.com/saint-gereon/, whose feast day is actually October 10, so I thought that was a happy coincidence. I'll be praying to him for relief for you. And enough with wondering if you're complaining: if you have to take medication, you are in pain and can complain.


I don't have migraines (used to have sinus headache that apparently might have been migraines, because I've heard that sometimes migraines are misdx'd as sinus headaches), but I hope you get to the bottom of this soon.


one word: STRESS


I have had only a few migraines in my life. I can't help you much there. I do know about the never ending periods. Good luck with that. And no you are not a drama queen. The overload is from so many things going wrong at the same time. One or two are manageable. Multiples are overwhelming. Hives - are the apples washed and washed again? Thinking perticides maybe? Good Luck Carmen. Hope it is better soon.

Emily C

Carmen, I'm so sorry. Best of luck to you.


I know it is the cause celebre of the moment, but could it be celiac disease? My cousin's celiac came out on his skin, terrible rosacia. My sister's was simply bloating and severe diarrhea. Both my cousin and sister were dx with celiac around 40.


Oh, Mama. Trust me, if I had 6 kids dependent on me for survival, sustenance and clean clothes, I would be freaking out (MANN!) not counting the sickness.

I used to have a boss (wonderful, nice guy) who was a huge hypochondriac. He used to say "I have a migraine!" All the time. It drove me nuts because although I do not have them all the time I did get a few migraines during my first pregnancy and Oh. My. Heaven. The pain. The nausea. The awful, head-splitting pain. There was NO WAY this guy had a migraine and was able to sit upright and continue to function. Luckily mine were only brought on by my pregnancy and I haven't had to deal with them since. I can't imagine getting them all the time. Oof.

I have NO IDEA why these things are happening to you. I'm sorry I have no helpful advice. Sending you love from the internets!

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