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Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba)

You should have had your kid walk the 2.2 miles, so when he grows up he could honestly say, "When I was a kid, I had to walk to 2.2 miles to the grocery store in the snow, and it felt like uphill both ways!"



LOL~!!! See it's more fun when you play in it!:)


Be careful if you slip again! About four or five years ago my mom slipped on some ice in front of our house and broke her fall with her hand, which broke her wrist. It was not fun.

Headless Mom

You're having way more fun than I am.

A Simple Twist of Faith

Day five at home for me...I am still in my PJs.


That's a lot of snow for your area! That's how my life is from December until April. Right now we have probably 3 feet of snow and more comes every 4-5 days! It's brutal but you get used to it. I go stir crazy as well and run for miles and miles outside. It clears my head!


That is a great way to get OUT OF THE HOUSE. I did the same thing last winter!! I refused to be stuck in the house another minute, so I walked all the way to the grocery LOL.


Yikes, I'd have gone nuts. HUGS!


See this was us last year. I cleaned and shoveled and cooked and went just a little crazzeeee.....


I am so jealous. We got a measly dusting down here in the south despite the fact that it snowed for about 10 hours. When we lived in VB it only snowed once and then just about 3 inches. Oh how I miss the snow. Enjoy it!


However,,,, you really do appear to be HAPPY!


Great photo! You'd never guess you felt fed up, and your kids will remember how you played in the snow with them.

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