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Woah! I wouldn't know what to do with all that snow! Looks like fun, for a bit anyway. They I'd be WAY too cold! ;)

Mrs. Fun

WOW!!! That is so much snow. Stay warm. Part of me wishes it would snow here like that just once.


We received almost 3 inches and loved every minute of it. Now it's mostly melted. I hope we get more. Maybe some hot chocolate will make it more bearable? *G*

A Simple Twist of Faith

I have been here 15 years and NEVER seen this much snow.


Wow! We've been watching the snow storms the US has been experiencing on TV. how fantastic to get it on Christmas night...although I totally understand you are happy for it to go now!

We've had snow here on the south coast of England twice this winter so far (altho' only about 4-5" each time)which is really unusual, but after 2 days I've had enough!


I guess you should enjoy it since it's so rare to get that much snow. We've got snow like that, but we're in Utah, and that's a normal occurrence. But I'm ready for it to stop snowing and warm up a bit.


Holy moses.

I've never seen that much snow in my life.
Wow, that's gorgeous and terrifying!!

Will you hate me when I tell you it was 70 today?

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