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We had this on the weekend. I thought for sure death would be easier. We were fortunate that it was mostly 24hours but my middle son is still not eating as he should.

Debby Pucci

Oh my, this is so sad. Praying you all feel well soon. ((HUGS))


Oh, honey. I'm so sorry. And to think, I was mentally composing an email to send you about Ash Wednesday ashes and stupid people. I'm glad I didn't now, because wow, talk about first world problems, LOL. I don't think we have EVER all been sick at the same time like that except for a cold, which so totally does not count. I hope you all feel better really, really soon.


I am sorry, what nightmare! Our worst experience was on a ski trip, in a rented vacation house, twelve people came down with vomit and diarrhea one by one. Til the last one left standing was my Impermable mother in law, nurse for twenty yearsand mother of eight. She could not catch a germ if she tried.She was dispensing Gatorade, ice chips and fresh trash cans with military efficiency. Hope everyone is up and at em soon. Hugs and lots a vodka!


My father died, seven of my relatives came to stay at our house. We were breaking out the air mattresses. My 9 month old cousin started throwing up on the 7 hour car trip to the house. Bing ban boom, the virus ricocheted through the rest of us. We tagged teamed the toilets. My grandmother missed the rosary; my aunt spent most of it lying down in a pew. It was a horrible virus - my mom gave up one of the last two bottles of Gatorade in the store to a woman in tears.


Just want to say sorry. Don't know if I can top that and really don't want to. I have five kids . . . it gets icky around here sometimes. Granted I always hate it when my kids are sick and miserable. It makes me sad but one of the worst experiences that I have ever had was when I was on vacation to California with my sister and my dad. I was 16 and my sister was 14 and we both broke out in the chicken pox. Pox everywhere, middle of summer, and no air conditioner in the car. We had to drive from the Sacramento Area back to Seattle. Good times.


My son (when he was 3) ate a big huge egg, toast, milk breakfast one morning. Then about 1/2 an hour later, standing in the front hallway, lost it all (on tile, thank goodness). He then proceeded for 10 days to vomit/poo a lot- rotovirus #1. I had to go to the bank at some point during this illness to get a cashier's check to buy a new car. They wouldn't let me go through the drive through even though I told them I had a sick kid. Well, he made it until we were walking out the door to leave and vomited all over the rug right by the door. The next time I went to the bank, the first thing the lady asked me was, "Everyone feeling ok today??"

Then husbands leaves on a week long trip to CA. Son is finally over virus and I go to get up my daughter who is 1 1/2 in the morning on day 1 of my husband's trip and she had puked on herself during the night- rotovirus #2. She was then sick for the next 10 days. That was about 3 1/2 weeks of the rotovirus!


I am so sorry to read of the affliction!

I did smile at Mackenzie's wonderful comment though..... she definitely has a future as a writer !

I have currently got my two youngest ill with the double-ended stomach flu, one has been either vomiting or pooping since Saturday...the other started last night. I've been having stomach pain all day but nothing else so far, thank God.

I'm just dreading my husband going down with the bug........


I have a sick story that can come very close. 9 years ago my daughter who was a toddler at the time came down with a stomach virus that required a visit to the hospital. Two days later my son came down with the same virus that also required a visit to the hospital. While getting everyone ready to go to the hospital I fell down the stairs and heard something pop in my lower leg. Now I required a visit to the hospital along with my son. On the trip to the hospital my husband had to pull the car over because (you guessed it) now he had the stomach virus. He got us to the hospital me in the adult side and son in the children's side. I was xrayed and found out there was a break. Hubby had to go home and called in brother in law to save the day. I was in a cast and on crutches for 6 weeks. We can laugh about it now, but I will never forget that night.

Ann W

So sorry, Carmen. Hope you and the family are better very soon! Hang in there.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

I am sorry you are all so sick!

I know someone who does a great job at cleaning carpets! Call Rick!

Strove Tuesday was fun, a great crowd.


Hope everyone is all better soon, this too shall pass (perhaps at a slow rate) but it will get better, hang in there!


Hang in there Carmen! Had the same thing, only preggers with #5, and the 2 oldest were at Disney with my parents when they got it. It was baaaaadddd! Even worse, when my mom called saying the 2 boys ( 6 and 4 at the time) were down, I was actually GLAD they weren't with me - my hands were so full with all of us at home!(I didn't know that I should have gone to the hospital, I was that sick!). It will be funny sorta someday! We were so bad, my 2 year old threw up IN his dresser, cause he thought it was the toliet, and I didn't know it until I went to get him a clean pj top after another barf episode and stuck my hands in cold vomit. So I threw up too in sympathy!


So sorry for all the illness. There's a lot going around right now and we've had some, but not all of us down at the same time. It seems like the worst when Mom and/or Dad are down too. Hope you're all on the mend soon!

Nelson's Mama

Hope everyone is better soon!

Many, many moons ago prior to children (thank, God) my husband and I both spent an entire weekend with a stomach virus.

I know it doesn't sound so bad, but it was DURING an ice storm. We didn't have any electricity OR running water. Our only saving grace was a kerosene heater!


That sounds SO HORRIBLE. I'm so sorry.


Oh Dear God. I hope you are all better soon.

Headless Mom

What Jenn said.

I wish I could bring you chicken soup.


Ugh Carmen. That is the worst. SOOOO sorry.


I have never experienced anything as bad as this. You poor things. I'm so sorry. Hope everyone is 100% soon. xx


Ahhh I had wondered if you had gotten it. I am so sorry.

Two stand out for me. One, after thanksgiving dinner, me and my family (not the others there) came down with the flu. One that lasted so long I thought I was going to die. Literally. Vomiting while your kids vomit next to you. Everyone crying. No track of time. You physically can't get up when your children are calling. Your mother is crying in the hallway because she is cleaning vomit. Oh boy. The second? My newborn had RSV and was in the hospital. I was there with im, of course. I got the stomach flu. Went from his hospital bedside to the bathroom, throwing up all night. And in another hospital down the road, my father was dying of lung cancer. The lowest point of my life.

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