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Julie Carroll

I'm with you-I love the Stations. I used to volunteer to play the piano for the cantor and it was a really nice way to end the week. Our church put on a soup and bread supper (much easier than a fish fry IMO) and then the Stations followed. I can't imagine trying to do it with three kids-I think you're amazing for trying!


I also love the stations, but I have not gone since becoming a mother. We try to go to mass every weekend, but even that has become a struggle now that it has turned into exhausting fights of keeping the kids quiet for an hour instead of prayerful devotion. I am all about growing my family's faith all by myself! God bless you for giving it a shot, though. You've done more than I ever would have attempted!


I think you are brave to even attempt church. I won't even go to Target alone with my 3 kids. Too much work.

I love the Stations of the Cross. One of the few good memories from Catholic School. :D

Nelson's Mama

I love going to church alone, I'm never in very Christian spirit when I try to every one there all together. And honestly, you need to just feed yourself sometimes and I think God understands.

I'm Methodist, but think I'd love being Catholic - I love the rituals of our church (Doxology, Apostles Creed, responsive readings). I'm comforted by tradition and the rhythm of predictability in worship is like meditation.

Headless Mom

Boy, you've had a week, haven't you. Oy.


I give you all the credit for even attempting with your children. I would never try it with my 3. We do get to mass on Sundays and even that can be a struggle at times. I also love the Stations of the Cross. Take it as time for you and God and teach them at home. Even though you aren't taking them to the Stations that doesn't mean you are growing their faith alone. Just not in that way at church.


You are one brave woman. I am already starting to dread Wednesday when instead of CCD we have soup and stations. I suspect this will make my 8-year-old's head explode, nevermind the 4-year-old. *sigh* We have had to resort to mom being the one growing the family's faith alone on several occasions.


Ah, church. One of the only times I can ever remember my father punishing me was related to misbehaving in church. Or he says I misbehaved. To this day, I still don't know what I did.

I've never known a kid who enjoyed or behaved in church -- it's worse than school. Look at it this way, you were the only mom brave enough to even attempt it. Maybe try bringing just one kid along next week? You could sell it as "special time with just me and Mom." And all the sitting still and getting yelled at and being bored builds character.

bama Cheryl

Go by yourself. You'll find the peace and enjoy yourself. After the last few weeks at your house, you absolutely deserve it!


It's exhausting being a mom isn't it! I also love lent and all of the rituals involved. When we were kids, my mom made us do stations - something I absolutely hated then. Now, I love to go - by myself! Taking the kids SUCKS! You'd think I sent them to the juvy center when I MADE them go to Ash Wednesday service because it really isn't an "official" holy day of obligation (what's up with that anyways? New Years is an obligation, but Jesus' death isn't?) Grow by yourself. The peace you'll receive will show through to your kids and they'll remember that when they're adults ... with kids (revenge!)

becky dunnell

i do agree with the child who wondered why the big people wouldn't share a book...common courtesy people! if you are a couple, share 1 book between you & share the other with another family that is there...


Beth wrote: "Grow by yourself. The peace you'll receive will show through to your kids and they'll remember that when they're adults ... with kids (revenge!)"

I have to agree. (Especially regarding the revenge part. ;)) I think church-related activities/events are far too often (almost always?) regarded as a "have to be with the family" thing, and as a result a person's (often, it seems, the Mom's) own needs are neglected. Much more than any other thing, for some reason. So I concur...take the time for yourself, take what you get from it, and pay it forward.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

I totally understand Carmen, I had a similar experience on at the Ash Wednesday mass. This is why I pray the rosary by myself.

Julie C

Oh jeez...I would have been a hot mess after that experience. I can barely make it through a meltdown at a restaurant where other folks are being noisy as well. As well-behaved as my toddlers can be, they also have that switch that gets flipped the minute they know I NEED them to sit still and be quiet. Then they become the human octopi...and I become the Mommy who needs a Jack and Coke.


LOL! I decided to say the daily rosary. Imagine my family's surprise when we went on a car ride and for the entire 30 minutes, I had them say the rosary with me! Here's our conversation:

Me: Say "Blessed art thou amongst women"
Child: "Plessed are dou among women?"
Me: "Dou? Is that even a word? Plessed? When have you ever heard the word PLessed? I don't know what you are saying!"

I'm trying.


I'm embarrassed to say this, but the last time I went to stations, my kids were altar servers. And he's 26 now. I took the younger kids. They wanted to sit up front, which was a bad idea, because mom didn't remember to do at stations, and everyone knew it. I think maybe hubby and I will go this Lent (and definitely sit in the back!)


Oh, how I can relate to this. My kids are SO. BAD. in church, luckily now they are small enough that I get the sympathetic looks, but give me 5 years, I bet the sympathy will turn to anger... I was JUST THINKING about going to Friday night stations (we do soup and stations) I will have a hard time convincing my husband that it's a good idea, because Friday is a relaxing time for us, too. I chose to make a sacrifice as opposed to giving something up, as well - I volunteered on Saturday to feed the homeless, which is a big stretch for me as I have had a hard time feeling sympathy for homeless people ever since one stole my purse. It ended up being a really positive experience for myself and my husband (he *really* didn't want to be there, but by the end he was smiling and participating wholeheartedly). Also, we have been "giving till it hurts" financially, we don't give more than a prescribed amount to the church itself but we bought a flock of chickens for a family in Africa through a charity, etc. It's so interesting to hear what others are doing for Lent. (oh, and I enjoy Lent as well, believe it or not! I like all the purple decorations and cassocks, they are so beautiful).


I feel your pain ... but only a third of it since I only have two kids (the two stepsons behave themselves). I think I would rather pull my fingernails out than take my 5 & 3 year olds to church. That is why I send my husband to Sunday evening church at the university. Maybe in another 20 years they'll know how to behave, but now not so much ...

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