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CM Doran

Thanks for writing. I too am a mom [only 5], but also a pharmacist with research background--used to feel like a scientist. Now I write--science/medicine stuff--the worlds collide--sometimes not peacefully. I very much appreciate your humor! excellent. All people that care about learning can work together, and I will follow you. I'm also figuring out in my head my #scimom post


Baking is most certainly a science and one I FAIL at on a regular basis. Interesting post though. I like being able to come to your site and learn something new.

Sarah in Ottawa

Carmen, my BSc and MSc are in Food Science - Chemistry, Microbiology and Engineering related to all-things food. And my dear, baking is most definitely a scientific endeavour.


Shameless plug here but have the teacher check out http://4hset.unl.edu/4hdrupal/

I work for the University of Nebraska Lincoln and used to work on this project...lots of lessons and LEGO challenges!

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