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Next time I am going to open a CAN of worms in your questions segment. :-) NO - barking dogs should be reported. I never get mad (well not so much...) at the dog(s) as the owner, what whackos to even get a dog, and then let it bark non-stop. I take out my hose - and I call the city, if it's barking is too late/early and non-stop.


I'm a fan of Steel Magnolias, too. ;-)


This is great fun! Thanks so much for responding to our questions. :)




Oh good it's not just me being so crazy about the interruptions.

Headless Mom

It wasn't tough to answer, now was it? Thank you for getting to this. I *almost* thought that you were going to skip it all together. ;-)


Have you considered Costco? They have the cheapest milk, eggs, bread, cereal around here (Chicago) you'll probably make money with their 2% cash back offer. :)

When do you sleep? :)

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