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psssst talked....
What a scary experience. hugs!


how scary ! Glad he is okay.


Poor guy :( I have a little one with a peanut/cashew/pistachio allergy, and myself am allergic to hazelnuts and brazilnuts and have had an anaphylactic reaction. I too am crazy about checking labels, I would hate to have to see my little guy go through that :( Glad your little guy is okay!


Poor guy :( Glad everyone is ok.


Whew, that is scary. Glad that there was a happy ending for you, Gabe and the rest of the family!

Laura H

I am so very thankful we don't deal with food allergies!! I would hate to have to do what you and other parents/kids have to do, and be so very vigilant. My daughter got stung by a bee last summer (for the first time) and for two days she just knew she was going.to.die. Because some helpful adult that was there when she got stung asked if she was allergic. I said I don't know. The bystander said "cause you know, if she is, she'll die." Thank you so very much, thick headed bystander!! Poor Gabe. He must have been so scared!!


Yikes! Glad everything worked out okay, though.


That's what mothers are for...to stay calm in a crisis. Then flip out in private later! Well done.


My God. Poor kid! We have multiple sensitivities in this house, but nothing that could lead to anaphylaxis. Is he still ok?

Jodie in MN

Scary stuff! I'm so glad glad that he's okay!


I wanted to tell you (and I already told him) how very impressed I was with how he asked the waitress yesterday at dinner about the oil his and Mikey's fries were fried in. I was at another table and had no idea they even ordered fries - I was grateful to him - and he is teaching Mikey to do the same.


How awful for you all. Glad he's OK.

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