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You have me restless now. I am on the Peninsula. I have all the food and water but the generator is acting up. I have yet to fill the bathtub thinking that I still have time in the morning. Better get to finishing the prepping.


Good luck - will be praying for you and your family! I stuck it out during Katrina - it was terrifying but my family and I were lucky. Here's to hoping Irene takes an eastward jog!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

You, too my friend. I think we are as ready as we can be. Rick has 230 galloons of rain water he has collected. We have a generator, fuel, propane, batteries, etc. I am just worried about all the trees surrounding our house.


Hoping all of you are able to stay safe!


Be safe. Love y'all.

tracey - justanothermommy

You be safe. Glad you got so many supplies...

xenia katie

God bless, Carmen! Many prayers!


take a deep breath! you will all be fine!


Be safe - all of you. Take care.


Thinking of you all- will pray a rosary!

Julie Marsh

Be safe, Carmen. I'm feeling panicky just thinking about my friends in the storm's path.


Hoping you are all doing well. Must go check on Mary now. :)

Debby Pucci

Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Laura H

Hope everyone is okay. Be safe Carmen and family!

Headless Mom

Sounds like you're really prepared! xo


Hope you all are staying safe, it'll pass and you'll have loads of bottled water.

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