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I've been pretty lucky with no one reading, but yet others I don't know do.


I struggle with that too. I'm not popular like you but it's odd.


Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

This weekend at church, someone mentioned something they could only know from reading my blog, it did feel a little strange mainly because she never comments and I had no idea she read it. On the other hand, I am glad she read it.


Don't ever apologize for being you! I don't have a blog but I often feel weird running into families I know about town. I teach at a school in my community and I see people I know all the time when I'm out and about. It's not a big deal but it feels strange!


-->I feel like I SAW you in your underpants. It's very strange from the other side of the fence too.
Then again, I had the same thing happen to me last week at the ODU game. An older woman said, "oh, I saw your blog...." and my face turned beet red. Then I recovered enough to ask how she found it.
I just wish my husband's ex-wife would stop reading it 3-4 times a week. She doesn't realize that the "Web Savvy Mom" can track it.

Laura H.

I can see how that would be strange; I'd imagine I'd have the same moment of "Oh, have I said anything I should be worried about??" LOL


I totally understand this! I was standing at the preschool on the first day with a few moms and the director (whom I've known my whole life). I'm friends with all these ladies on facebook and I know I post links to my posts there, but they never comment...so I just assumed no one read it. We were talking, as is common, about how hard parenting can be sometimes and the director (who has children in their 20s) said, "Ladies, you'll forget about so much of this hard stuff. I was reading one of those things Bridget wrote and was like...I'd forgotten how BIG the little things seems when the kids are small." And then several of the moms talked about 'what about this-post-or-that-one. I really liked the one about...'? I felt sooooooo awkward and embarrassed. Which is silly. But still, I couldn't help but blush horribly.


I thought I was the only person who ever said "navel gazing" My kids accused me of making the word up. Thanks for the validation!! :)


My occupation is a high school science teacher, which renders my life both unbloggable and very, very public. I feel embarrassed and shamed if my current students "catch" me having one beer or a glass of wine while I am out, see me running to the grocery store in my workout clothes, or in any situation which would render me (for lack of a better term) less powerful in the classroom. So much of discipline is perception - if the students view me as someone with Extendable Ears, eyes in the back of her head, and the ability to grow to 7 feet tall at the drop of a hat, I have little to do in the way of classroom management. If I am seen as more, well, human, it can make controlling those 30 kids for 84 minutes that much harder. And of course it makes me feel like I am in a giant fishbowl when I go out.

Also, teaching tenure is no longer offered in Florida, so the perception of a less-than-upstanding personal life can be as damaging as any actual act, especially with the high school rumor mill in full swing. ("I saw Mrs. M drinking at dinner" can lead to "Mrs. M got arrested for a DUI." I've already had my past as a domestic violence educator who worked in our local juvenile detention hall morph into an arrest record with jailtime.)

I enjoy seeing my students out of class, and will say "Hi" if approached. But I am loathe to do much more than that in case someone is watching. Or taping to upload onto Facebook.


I switched from special ed, self-contained, emotional disorders, to Montessori because I was burnt out. I used to have about 8-10 kids (depending on how many were in juvi that day) and two other adults in the classroom.
I now I have have 24 kids, only one other adult, and the same number of emotional problems, IEPs, and BIPs. Let's play alphabet soup - we have: OCPD, O/DD, ADD, ADHD, PDD-NOS, LD-math, LD-language, dyslexia, and auditory processing. All set to a melody of compulsive burping from my little PDD friend. Plus meeting the needs of all the "regular" kids and several G/T kids.
Happy Day!
I really love what I do and I'm happy everyday I go to work... but the irony kills me!


I'm really open with my blog, but it's always weird when you talk to someone and they comment on it. We had a party Saturday night and my best friend mentioned that her fiance reads which just struck me as so WEIRD. I got all flustered and changed the subject.

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