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have you seen crock pot moms FB page? there are some great recipes on that site.

your office is going to be amazing. you need to take pix, so we can see the progress. if i had a stick, i'd poke you to do this.

you have an amazing husband. you're one lucky gal. :-)


You are a busy lady. Kudos to your husband for all his help and support.


your husband sounds like a keeper! :)

Headless Mom

I would be thrilled if HD would just empty the damn dishwasher. *sigh*


I made my husband dig through the freezer last night to find the pot roast I just knew was buried in its depths. It's now in my crockpot, covered with Dr Pepper etc, and making my house smell absolutely divine. I can't wait for the dinner hour!

Karen Z

Congrats on getting the office - every mom needs one.


Oh thanks now I have another blog I have to read (Farmgirl) ;-) I used to LOVE to make bread! Store bread just grosses me out and my husband loves the cheap Safeway bread (despite the fact that he used to be a baker in high school).

I <3 husbands who stand up for their wives in front of the kids!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Sounds great, I'm off to read your other posts!


I'm with LizP about husbands who stand up for their wives to the kids!

I'm so impressed that you seem to be doing something to your office most days. I find it hard to complete a project once it runs over more than one day! I guess your motivation is pretty high on this one?!

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