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-->My 13 year old niece visited after spending 11 hours in the car without deodarant. I smelled her curbside before she even walked the 25 feet to my front door.


Ick. My son just entered middle school and deodorant was actually on his school supply list! Yikes! This kid is going to need it!

Susan Smith

I have to remind my daughter to use deodorant sometimes, I don't think she realizes that she does need to use it everyday even if she doesn't have an odor.

Susan Smith



My smelly story is more about me, not my kids yet. I think I started wearing deodorant at my early teens. I was always sweaty and no kidding, it wasn’t fun to be able to smell my own sweat, not to mention my close friends. It was one of my best friends who told me "it's time"! I better don’t go too much into details here! LOL

amy [at] utry [dot] it


I had hyperhydrosis when I hit pubery. I could be freezing to death and still have sweat running down my sides. I stained shirts like crazy. I finally went to a dermatologist and got a prescription for some medication to put on my pits. It worked within a week! I hope and pray that my 11 year old son doesn't go through this.


I dont think I wore deoderant until end of middle school or high school. I wasn’t a sweater, I’m still not

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ugg, not something I look forward to addressing, but it's unavoidable!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

My girls are still quite young, however like Erika, I am NOT looking forward to the stink and other "stuff" of the 'tween and teen years!
They grow up so fast!

Lisa Foster

My grandson, who is 7, seems to be clueless when it comes to hygiene--I had a girl so I suspect it is a boy thing--I always check his hands when he comes over because his fingernails as usually BLACK and disgusting--I told him recently don't be petting my dogs with those dirty hands--LOL

Lisa Foster


Melinda Mendy Dinsmore

I love this story. I think health class should cover the basics for kids also. Here, PE and Health class are one. Kids don't want to talk bout some things with their parents, and this is one...odor.

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Melinda Mendy Dinsmore

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My step daughter is 11 and is still at the stage where showering is a hardship (she's a bit of a tomboy and abhors anything remotely girly flowery shampoos etc). Deodorant is a daily battle in our house and showers are mandatory every other day. I really hope she grows out of this phase soon!


I've already faced it with my first 2 girls and am now dropping hints to my oldest son that he's getting to that point - would be easier if my husband would agree - doesn't this fall in the category of his job to deal with ;)

Kelly Massman

I don’t remember the exact age for myself or my son! But, boys seem to need it once they hit puberty! He seemed to know when he was ready for deodorant.
Thanks! kmassmanATgmailDOTcom


My boys are only 7 and 8. I recently began looking into books to help discuss things such as this with them. I want to be an ostrich and bury my head in the sand! Either way, good to know there are campaigns like this that will someday make it easier to have "the talk" with them.

tracey - justanothermommy

You know what's fun? Having to sniff a 12 year old boy's underarms. That is AWESOME. I do it daily and am met with varying results. Pity me.

tracey - justanothermommy

Tweeted it!


Both of my kids smell, and no amount of telling them to remember the deodorant helps because every morning I'll say, "did you put on your deodorant?" and at least one of them (usually both) will say, "I forgot," and head back to the bathroom. I guess they don't mind stinking?

Bev E.

I know my two teens still need reminders for showers and other personal care. And my youngest (1st grade) was so sweaty at the start of the school year I think he may need to start using something earlier than his big sis and bro did. Big bro also seems to think body spray is a good substitute to real deodorant/ antiperspirant. I hope dad and I can get through to him soon. Keep up the good fight!


I too lived through the overspray of noxious products. Thank goodness those days have passed.


we came upon that day recently but it’s too early (he’s 7) so we were really worried. luckily, it was transient.


My story just happened this past week. My best friend and I along with a 16 and 19 year old girl, 24 year old boy and the sweetest 3 year old girl. We were driving around 17 hours and had not showered for a few days because the house we were staying at was 60 degrees-froze to death and had to buy sweatpants! We were in Florida!!
Embarrassed to say, but we both could smell ourselves-pretty rank!!


No stinky story, because I'm a nut about making the kids shower daily and (the older ones) put on deodorant. Living together is hard enough without BO making it harder!

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