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I actually do have a recipe that has those ingredients, in those amounts, but also includes 1/3 cup of milk and, yes, two eggs, along with salt and pepper to taste. I've never made it, so now I'll have to make it both ways to see how my focus group responds.

Debby Pucci

That sounds yummy. I think I will try that for a side dish on Thanksgiving. Since my daughter doesn't eat meat it will be nice to have more veggie dishes. Thanks!


I make that recipe all.the.time! Except mine has an egg. We love it year round at my house.


Thank you :-)

My most often requested dish is green bean casserole by my MIL. The funny thing is I never made it (nor had I heard of it) until I moved to Oregon (from CA). Go figure ...


hmmm I could do this one - thanks


We make corn pudding every year too, but our recipe is pretty different. 2 cans of cream style corn, four eggs, two cans of evaporated milk, sugar (I think the recipe calls for 3/4 cup but I use more like a tablespoon) and butter on top. I think that's it, remembering off the top of my head.

My mom has tried to fake it with regular corn before, but that is just wrong.

I'd like to try your recipe, though. Maybe I'll suggest that for Christmas. Can't mess with Thanksgiving.


Sometimes I just want to be facebook lazy and 'like' one of your entries. This one mostly because of the ending: Don't ask for more from me today. I'm warning you.

bama Cheryl

OK, thank you! How 'bout sharing the carrot souffle recipe too? If it's that good, ya gotta share - but tomorrow, after the loaded gun mood has departed!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Now, Rick wants me to make this for Thanksgiving too.


Oooo!!! We make that exact recipe! LOVE it! It always makes an appearance at every family gathering. It never had an "official" name, we just always called it "that corn stuff" and everyone knows exactly what corn stuff you mean. :)

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