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I'm right there with you on The Scottish Prisoner! I wish I had more time to read---so far I'm on chapter 3---but I guess I'm happy to have it last longer.


Help given :-) And congratulations for posting for 30 days in a row!


I shall check ou the links provided. And congratulations on the 30 days of posting! Job well done.


I commented at both. Best wishes for a good day and WTG on your new writing gig!

Ouida Gabriel

but they did say I was established and highly opinionated"

HA! No truer line ever written than that one;-)

Thanks for the promotion for my daughter's book. She and I am very grateful to you for mentioning it.

Ouida Gabriel

Ouida Gabriel

P.S. I wanted to comment over at your Redbook article but one must be signed up to this or that.

I just want to say great article and we are in agreement in several threes. Great article!

Ouida Gabriel

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