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I love, love, love this post!! Not long ago my teenaged daughter and I were out for a jog and got caught in the rain. At first I was annoyed but she was enjoying it so much it WAS infectious!! She actually has been known to go running in the rain on purpose! But sadly I also get your point about people behaving badly and, my worst peeve, driving WAY under the speed limit. Keep these great observations coming!


I've had the same thought when Charlie wants to play outside in the backyard when raining. He loves to drag out his big toy dumptruck and digger and play in the mud.

And people who drive like they've seen rain before drive me nuts!


I have stomped in many a puddle with the kids... I love the rain still. But like you said.... NOT while driving!


Is it just me? I don't drive 20 miles under the speed limit unless the rain is REALLY bad, but maybe those drivers were speeding and being aggressive as usual instead of slowing down a bit because of the rain. We should slow down a bit, and then we can enjoy it.


I like the rain and have been known to raise my face up to it and feel the drops. The only reason I don't like driving in the rain is the fact you mentioned, people driving like they've never seen rain before.

Headless Mom

Before HD and I married I got to take HG to Memphis to meet all of my relatives there. (Important to know: it only very rarely rains in SoCal in the summer.) She was fascinated by a summer rain shower that was as warm as bathwater. Needless to say, we went out and danced in the rain and had a BALL.


Better safe than sorry. You should see what snow does to the people (and I use the word loosely) for people.

SLOW can't be a bad thing.

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