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bama Cheryl

Sounds like a good one. I'll check it out. I'm reading The Journal of Best Practices by David Finch. He's an extremely high functioning Asperger (Aspergian?) and it chronicles his efforts as an adult to learn the behaviors that his Aspergers prevents. Humorous and really interesting. You might enjoy it.


I agree, this book made me stop and think, are we ready if the worst were to happen? I know the answer is no, and this book made me want to fix that.


Intriguing thought - had to make an entire plan with various scenarios a few years ago. Major health concerns. Not a pleasant way to go about it but glad it has been done.


I downloaded this book onto my Nook. Can't wait to start it this weekend.


The book sounds interesting. I'll add it to my "personal" reading list. Right now I'm rushing to finish the Lee Child/Reacher series of books. Read one, and was hooked, so I've got 2 more to go ... but college textbooks are a bit higher priority. So I've compromised (hard as it is), as a reward for doing 1 chapter of homework reading, I get to read 1 chapter of the "me" books. It will take longer, but just like reading to your kids at night, it's worth it. I do get frustrated tho' when the chapter ends on a cliffhanger... What did you think of Diana G's last one? I liked it better than the Lord John books, but look forward to another of the others. Did you read the graphic novel? It's funny how some of the characters don't look like what I had pictured in my head (but I'm sure they were what Diana was picturing when she wrote).

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