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bama Cheryl

Carmen, have you checked out the Title Nine site? (www.titlenine.com) They have a huge range of bras for every type of body and they are rated by all their staffers who have worn them. The drawback is that it's online so you can't try them on. I have an Enell too and love it/hate it just as much. I purchased a Glamorise front closure workout bra (English spelling)from there and it's pretty good. Not completely without some bounce (there the Enell really rocks) but much better than anything else I've found and it's not a uniboob - it has cups! Might be worth a browse on their site. Good luck!


I have a similar problem, but the other end of the spectrum. I am embarrassingly small-chested and I have yet to find a workout bra that actually fits me without smashing me completely flat. I just use regular bras and endure it. Sigh . . .


victoria's secret has a huge online sports company (I think it's VS Sports?, I'm not sure). I know they have some really great non-squashers for us bigger boobies, and they're actually cute!


I'd love to point you in a good direction, bra-wise, but I am still resorting to doubling up on sports bras. So pretty. :)


I'm not a "big" big girl, but my ribcage is my issue, not my actual cup size. I loved the c-9 Champion bras that were out about five hours ago, but they stopped making them as well, with cheaper and less, um, thick(?) material. They even separated a bit! I miss those bras.... I prefer racer back, as pulling up my straps drives me loony.
Have you tried Athleta? I'm afraid as I'm still searching for a decent replacement I don't have much to recommend. Sorry! Best wishes!


Yikes. YEARS not hours.


I am 34 G for Ginormous, and while I never wear an exercise bra because I haven't ever found one that adequately tames the Ever-expanding Rack of Doom (yes! Still growing!), I do have a smidge of assvice.

Go to Nordstrom's (or specialty bra shop - NOT Victoria's Secret) and get fitted again for your regular bra. I've seen pictures of you and if you're a 40, I'll eat my Fayreform Daisy.

BiggerBras.com sells all sorts of good bras and bathing suits for folks in our size range.

Nelson's Mama

I share Christina's issue - every workout bra that I buy smashes me flat...all the way even with my ribcage!

I have insomnia, so I see info-commercials in the wee hours of the night. Have you seen the ones for the Genie bra?


I love my Enell because of the zero-bounce feature, but yes, it's ugly. I'm even embarrassed to get changed into it front of my husband (of 30 years!) because it's so ugly! It's the only thing that I've found that works for me though, at 38FF. I used to be a 36C and I'm hoping that once I get the rest of the weight off I'll be around there again, but for now, if you find something cute that works, do tell!


Ya sorry - no assvice here. Either they smush me flat or just let things flop all ove the place. Let me know if you find anything better. I have pretty much given up at this point.


I'm a 46D and have the same problem. I don't work out as hard as you do. I barely work out at all but still would prefer not to bounce.


I'm a runner with a triple letter cup size and the Moving Comfort bras are my go-tos. No moving, only grooving!


have you tried wearing 2 sports bras? when my trainer had larger breasts, she would wear 2 bras to keep the girls from bouncing. i've never even noticed if mine bounce, but of course when i go later i'll be looking in the mirror for the bounce of mine and other ladies breasts. LOL

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Natori-expensive but worth very penny.


The very best part of the big boob sports boulder holder for me is after the workout, drenched in sweat, trying to peel the damn contraption off. My sprt bras r champion underwire that pull over your head and then fasten in back. They r old, ugly,and hike the uniboob look of a smooshed mushroom to about and inch below my chin.The effect looks something like a flotation device, however does a decent job of helping things stay but.Started Crossfit workouts about 6 weeks ago, so the good news is I am in way too much pain to notice what the boobs r doing :)

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