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February is my worst month as well. I'm already tired of winter, although ours hasn't been bad, and work is so monotonous. It's hard to get "good" daylight into my system when I'm tucked away in a windowless environment for most of the day. Although I dread the early mornings, I can't wait for the time change. Same issues with food,also.


Delurking to make you feel better!


February is a terrible month. My mom always freely admitted how much she hated it, but she came up with two things to make it a bit better. 1. It's the shortest month of the year, so at least it's over quickly! 2. Celebrate Valentines Day, put up some decorations, etc. The colors are bright and cheerful and who can argue with a holiday about love? We always celebrated it in my house. Maybe those tips will help you get through.


I like February because it means the Chicago winter is almost over (almost)


December and January had their high and low points. February seems to be okay because I have some things to look forward to, if I ever get rid of this stupid cough.

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