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Headless Mom



K is for Kiss which we can never do enough of!
Q is for quinoa which I know is supposed to be good but the only time I ever had it it was DISGUSTING.

Headless Mom

you know I'm laughing, right?


I second Headless Mom! No K?? lol
I actually LOVE this A-Z idea!
Awesome :)


I love that you have two K's now. My first thought for Q was Questions, because I love your answering questions posts. Then, I thought about kids asking endless questions, and thought that Quiet might be a better favorite!


Great list. Q for Queen of the house! Quiet would also make my list. Hehe.

Random Q: can you recommend a good protein shake/powder, preferably vegetarian friendly? I need to check out Zumba. I watched the infomercial on tv but I don't trust myself to make sane decisions on 'seen on tv' products. We have classes I can attend. How hard is it for a novice???


Lovely and truly entertaining! Thanks much.


Great fun! Q is for the quiet we all crave and never get enough of!!


Q is for the quiet you don't get enough of. :)


Zumba is the most fun ever!!! I'm totally addicted. Case in point... in response to my friend's text the other night:
Her: You zumba tonight?
Me: Of course, I'm zumba's b**ch. I'm always up for zumba anytime, anywhere.


I guessed the No K discussion.... C is for Crying in the corner for being left out of the K :p
M is for Mary, really you couldn't just stick me in there too? :p


Was just at the Nashville airport this morning but 6 am was too early the Massage Bar to be open. I passed it though. I passed it when I landed there too and thought... that sounds nice as I went to meet my friends at baggage claim.

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