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I don't always agree with EVERYTHING you say, but this time--right on, sista girl! :)


With you here. I love 6pm.com for shoes; it's the only way I can afford my beloved Sanitas. :) And I'll have to look into Lush. My skin is so danged picky, just can't please it.


1. Air conditioning/electricity,after more than 40 days of 100+ degree heat last summer.

2. Shoes,since I have long days standing several hours on concrete floors.

3. My iMac, especially after several days of dealing with "Spooler subsystem app not working" on the family PC.

4. Jiff peanut butter and Bluebell ice cream.

5. My dogs and their unconditional love!

Can't wait for tomorrow's list. I'll do much better!


I splurge on brand cereal, good foundation and eyeliner (MAC!), pens, and bras.


High quality bedding... decent pillows and sheets with a good thread count and finish are so worth it to me.
Good ice cream. I am SO much happier with 3 or 4 spoonfuls of Haggan Daz than a whole bowlful of just about anything else.


I love this list.

1.iphone. Love.love.love!

2. Dish & laundry soap. I'm not picky about shampoo & body wash but I've only used Tide and Cascade for years. I switch occasionally but always come back.

3. Shoes. I'm partial to Lands End & Clark's and always look for sales. One pair of these lasts years and is much better for my feet. For occasional special occasion type heels I go to TJ Max & Marshall's

4. Diet coke. I don't buy store brands or other brands ever. Yes the family n friends make fun for that one :))

5. Make up. I've found it worthwhile to buy one quality foundation and powder from MAC or Clinique that suits my skin than try and fail with others.

6. Food yes. I meant to put this higher up. I've discovered after years of eating junk that it's not that difficult to make my own marinades sauces and seasonings. I almost never buy bottled and/or packaged stuff now.

7. Clothes. A few quality pieces are better than a closet full of junk. Also learned through trial and error.

Looking fwd to tomorrow's list!


I agree with everything on your list with one small caveat: skin care. I now spend more $ at the dermatologist than I do using product. Get a scrip for a retinoid gel and use it every day. It will do wonders for your skin. Go to CVS and buy some Olay Reginerist with a coupon for a moisture lotion. If you can swing a chemical peel, do so once a year. You will need less makeup if your skin looks good.

That being said, best clothing purchase for me was a Gucci belt which can be worn year round and makes a $40 pair of Old Navy jeans look like a million bucks. Spend $ on outer wear, nice jacket, good purse, good shoes.


I'd be happy to send you my last Hair Cuttery disaster to share with your husband. It was...short.

With that said...I went there because I was sick of spending $60 every six weeks on a haircut, and once my hair has grown out some and is harder to screw up, I'll go back. When I had long hair, I went there for trims and never had any issues. Paying $60 for a new style is smart; paying $60 to have an inch of long, straight hair cut off is not so smart, IMO.

Most of my shoes come from Payless, Target, Rack Room or Off Broadway and cost $40 at the most, and they're usually pretty comfortable. I've gotten a couple that aren't so much, though. My rule is if they feel uncomfortable in any way in the store, don't buy them, no matter how much of a bargain they seem.

I totally agree with this blogger about decent pet food and the ketchup idea, but not the brand. For me, it needs to be Heinz. Hunt's will do in a pinch. Any other brand is just sketchy.

And I agree with you about eating well and learning how to cook. Learning how to cook is how you eat well on a budget. Buying expensive prepared food because you don't know how to cook or eating pre-packaged crap like Hamburger Helper are both bad decisions in the long run.


Charmin wasn't on your list? lol I had to throw that in! I agree. I have to be frugal but there are some things I spend money on and 3 of those are listed right here in your post: Dawn, Tide, and Cascade. The cheap stuff just doesn't cut it.


YES! on the shoes and bras and unders.


Hair - I am totally cheap on that. I have zero skill on doing anything with it. I get it cut simply and if I wait long enough it's free and I can donate it to Locks of Love!
Food - I am not cheap but I am frugal.
Shoes - Payless Shoe Source for me for summer "throw away" shoes. But I have a good pair of Timberlands.
Coffee - cheap coffee tastes cheap. We have a local roaster that makes awesome coffee!
Skin Care - Never skimp on your skin! I use Artistry skin care and have for a couple of decades.
Bras - don't wear them
Phone - I love my Droid! Regardless of the brand you like you should pay for what you'll use.
Soap - totally agree! The cheap stuff just destroys your hands!


Can you tell me what the Aveda shampoo is called? You may not have gray roots like I do, but if you do does it help with that? My color doesn't really fade in between - even though at times I wish it would when I get it too dark.


My gym membership. I'd give up a lot before I'd give that up, since it also means that I'm taking time for me/my health.

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