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Beautiful pictures! Gabe looks so grown-up, and yet still so small, here. That's so cool that he and his dad are playing golf together.


Neat pics! And I have ZERO patience when it comes to golf (unless it's the "goofy" variety, which is fun) so I applaud you! LOL Love the pic of your guys together. :)


WOW 85 holes of golf?
You crack me up!!
And what a great pic of DttSM w/ Gabe, PRICELESS! I'm so excited for him, is he enjoying it like I hope he is?


LOVE!!!! And having a son on the HS golf team for two years and having to go twice a wk to matches it does seem like there is a 100 holes in each game.


Love the pics. Gabe is adorable.




I'm thinking it was the 303rd hole there. Ughhh golf - really? Great guy time though :)

Headless Mom

so awesome!

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