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This is our first house and we bought it in March '06. I have lovely memories of life here. Both our kids were born here and it's right for a small family. There are 2 things I would change: get a basement and a bigger kitchen. And another guest bedroom / office. So that's 3 things. Unfortunately we're in an upside-down mortgage so we're staying here for now.

I totally feel its 'my' house. But I don't get attached to homes, moving around since turning 17. So I will be ok if/when we move. I love your kitchen Carmen. That's my #1 must-have in the next house since I'm always there. :)

Kenya G. Jonson

Love your post. I'm curious to know what the selling point was that you actually decided to buy the first one. Sounds pretty but I agree I wouldn't have felt like I could change anything because it would be a waste of money and then I wouldn't have felt at home. Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do and it's not expensive!


so you didn't sell the house? are you still selling?


I can totally identify with buying a house with a ton of custom choices - none of which were keepers. I finally tossed every single custom window treatment in the garbage in our home after we had to have most of our windows replaced. I'd love to replace every cabinet door because of the funky custom design, but that will take time & most are built-ins we can't easily just rip out to replace. What is it with the funky old tubs?! I want to rip ours out & replace it too! We are kindred spirits : )


I can't imagine living in a house with the things from the other people still there. Kind of creepy.

I would also love a huge shower! I see them on HGTV shows and swoon.


I came to the comments section to see if kyooty's question had been asked yet... did you take it off the market? If so, sign of relief for you!


-->We have no regrets about buying our hot tub. At the time, my husband wanted a lounger which no one uses, I recommend one with more seats instead. We love ours.

London Roofer

Where you live should be comfortable enough. Not really that luxurious but at least it can provide the basic functional elements of a home in terms of use and comfort. Remodelling the interior of the house is also great so you can make the inside of it according to your design preference.


I take a bath almost every day, FYI. I love my big, giant, garden tub.

So THAT is an amazing story. I can't believe you moved and sold so quickly. My dad's wife is a match the artwork, wallpaper, curtains, fabric kind of person and I can't stand it. And much of her house is like a museum.

My house? We LIVE in it. And we love it too.

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